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Area located on 912,963 Hec. of farmland continuous in the middle river Juruá in Carauari, AM. Brazil, completely forest covered. Acquired in 1974 and reserved for future investments, forests have been kept intact for 28 years.

During this period, besides the retention, to surveillance and better knowledge of the area, the Company is developing projects pioneer in the region, such as poultry, swine, cattle, breeding turtles, planting açaí, cashew nuts and other fruit, occupying tiny fraction of field.

Recently it has been authorized to promote, on 30 Hec., timber extraction technique subordinate to sustainable forest management, a selection process that allows for self-regeneration of the forest, a procedure recommended by international bodies preservationists.

Also, at one time, 95% of their land as legal reserve and permanent and can be legally handled, but will forever forest. It also has agreements with the University of Amazonas Foundation, with the goal of allowing students of Agricultural Sciences to develop internships on company premises, as well as undergraduates courses in Agronomy, Forestry and Fishing Engineering to develop research projects and with USP, which has conducted research on disease endemic region-specific.

Region: Carauari, AM.
Improvements: 3 houses large seat (masonry) 7 homes and holiday visitors, administrative center, employees of several houses, a sawmill capacity 300m3/month own, harbor moorings, power generation with itself (sports court, pavilions piggery, poultry, manufactures feed, pig slaughterhouses in masonry, etc.).

Several trucks, tractors, timber, light vehicles, motorcycles, iron ferry with 150 tug you with 14.00 m engine with 130 HP, 12.00 m wooden vessel, several aluminum boats with evinrude motors and yammar 15-25 HP. Area of 30,000 Hec. with no management plan approved (900,000 m3), researches Gas, Oil, Minerals.

Relief: Fat area slightly wavy, all in native forests, many rivers, streams and waterfalls.
Access: Road 10 Km from city.
Distance: 1.500 Km Manaus, AM. (5 days), Belem, PA. 3.250 Km (11 days)
Distances Airlines: Manaus, AM.: (800 Km) Porto Velho, RO.: (480 Km) Rio Branco, AC. (500 Km) via Airport Carauari.
Features: The municipality has 3 Bank branches (Bank of Brazil, BASA, BEA), state university, hospitals, medical clinics, shopping center. Access by river Juruá navigable year round, airport with daily flights to major cities in Brazil.
Brief federal highway BR-230 (Trans) and AM-333.

Media: Property is part of the national system phones, satellite, through telamazon- telecommunications, Amazonas SA. and has access to various television channels.
Soil: The predominant soil type in the area red and yellow podzolic, acid clay texture. In the higher parts are found soils with hydromorphic laterite.
Hydrography: The existing watercourses in the plot belong to the basins of the river and river Juruá-Jutaí. The river Juruá is typically plain, with a lot of twists and waste ponds with circular and half moon.

Climate: Climate type, the region has high rainfall, with greater intensity in the months from December to May. 2,600 mm annual rainfall.
Average Temperature: 27 ºC / 22 ºC Min.
Suitability: Forest Management, Tourist Resort, Carbon capture & Biodiesel.

Total Hectare : 912 963 Ha

Sale Price: US$ XX XX per Hec.



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