Offer from Russia Refinery Energy & Oil Prices

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Offer from Russia Refinery Energy & Oil Prices

Post  Admin on Tue May 07, 2013 2:46 pm

##private & confidental   #

Dear company office , gentleman

delivery  :  only DAP ,  , not FOB   ( not sell products on CIF/FOB delivery basis.  ) 

no  2% Performance Bond

no   JP 54 in production

not interested in paying commission to intermediaries

not send any soft offers / corporate offers. Such documents sent on behalf of the Company are fake.

refinery registers only officially ICPO made inquiries addressed to refinery

letter on the letterhead of your company with the stamp and signature of the authorized person with information on product, volume, destination, terms of delivery and price idea on the indicated terms.

export deliveries only under direct contracts with the buyers.

Terms of delivery depend on product and vary from FCA Ufa to CPT/DAP Russian port/Russian boarder delivery basis.

petroleumproduct product from Russia  refinery  

buyer send profil , NCND  , IMFPA  , price , delivery terms  ,  buyer passport , country certificate   ( from buyer  )

ICPO  , IMFPA  , soft probe account  , (  persimion  calling to bank  officer with PIN  )    ( from buyer  )  

-        Company name , passport   ( from buyer  )  

-        Contact details  ( from buyer  )  

-        Country of registration  ( from buyer  )  

-        Background information on the company   ( from buyer  )  

-        Delivery terms   ( from buyer  )  

Product name   ( from buyer  )  

Quantity  ( from buyer  )  

Price  (  from buyer )   / Pricing terms and conditions

Delivery terms ( from buyer  )  

Destination  ( from buyer  )  

Delivery time  ( from buyer  )  

Mode of transport  ( from buyer  )  

Payment terms and conditions ( from buyer  )

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