LOAN : Project INFO: List of Required Information Russia , Ukraine

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LOAN : Project INFO: List of Required Information Russia , Ukraine

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:44 pm

LOAN from Swiss  bank

6 B USD available for Russia, Ukraine project

Project :  5 - 8 -10 years  possible  

RAte  2.2 %  - 10 %  - 17 %

Client must have for project land , or Equoment or some money +/- 10 %  in account

Project can be 10 mil Eur  , if there is some land Equpment thann 3.5 mil EUR  LOAN  


INFO: List of Required Information:

1.   Short summary (up to 2 pages)
2.   Short project description with business plan
3.   Who is owner of the project
4.   What is own amount available for initial investment in order
     to set up proper business infrastructure covering cost like:  
     company taxes, regulation fees, rent tax, business plan, consulting fees,
     mandatory revision and controlling fees (PWC or KPMG), income of staff.
5.   Other values as properties etc.
6.   Amount of credit needed
7.   Time of implementation of the project
8.   Time needed for payment of credit from the moment of receiving it
9.    List of items guaranteeing paying back the credit
10.  What agreements or commitments have been already signed, eg. contracts for
      future sale /purchase of energy
11.  Government promises: what guarantees and commits the government to, based on what,
      why and when
12.  Other promises or guarantees?

3.5 % from 100million project should be paid on own account of the new XXXXXXXXXXXX
(subsidiary company of project owner), as equity of the company. This company later inspected
the correct usage of funds and the repayment of the loan.

LOAN from Swiss  bank

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