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Post  Admin on Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:49 pm

Good afternoon.    We are XXXXXX registered and regulated entity and currently have accounts and “Terms of Business” with KBC, Deutsche Bank Zurich, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley New York and other majors.  

We are in the market to purchase Senior Debt on a Vanilla basis – Non-strictures note with volumes in excess of 250-500million minimum Euro / USD per trade and ideally the size of the note in excess of 500million Euro / USD or more.   We buys MTN to hold, we is liquid positions and will look to close on real offers immediately based on what information is provided, as a general rule we don’t look for notes over 10 years or floaters we bids for fixed notes.

We likes to purchase notes from Banks below and others top banks you may have access to:

v  HSBC / Merryll Lynch

v  Goldman Sachs / Bank of America

v  Barclays / CITI Group

v  Deutsche Bank / CommerzBank

v  BNP / Morgan Stanley

v  Thyssen Krupss / BNG

v  UBS / Credit Suisse / Nordea Bank

v  ANZ / NAB / CBA /

v  KFW / RBS & RBC

v  JP Morgan and similar notes are of interest to us

Ø  No Credit linked or Call back (Altofin type) trades No FC or SS or Structured note (we don’t trade these)

Ø  We look for coupon 4.5%, 4.75%, 5%, 5.25%, 5.5%, 5.75% or better on Fixed only no floaters

Ø  Trade Desk: We uses New York or London, Zurich, Hong Kong

Ø  Banks used to settle are: JP Morgan New York / HSBC / Morgan Stanley / Deutsche Bank

Ø  Funds available: 980 Million Euro liquid for immediate purchase  

As my emails explains if you have MTN’s we buy, we do 250M- 500M trade per day not higher, 2-3 trades maximum per week.    

 Price all depends on the offer.  We would look to receive an offer which is discounted below the bid price (based on the relative index each note is listed on)  therefore for example if CJ  agree the listing index as Euronext for item 1 with a bid ask on screen at  (Example) 100% but we need to get around  bid – 101% ask , we would ask for a price of 300bps to 500bps below the ask.  Therefore we are looking for a 3% - 5% discount to the current bid – we can always negotiate and agree.

Please provide the information below for all notes on offer from the owners / seller of the Bonds:

1.     Bloomberg Screen Copy (under 3 days old)

2.     Term Sheet

3.     Prospectus

4.     How much of each Bond is available for sale?

5.     Where are these bonds deposited ?? what bank ??

6.     If we agree to the transaction our Banker need to talk to Owner's bank officer to arrange the trade  

7.     Client is the owner/seller of all Bonds and MTN’s on offer right ?? If not we cannot entertain

Procedure DVP T+3:

I will confirm the trade in writing with a Trade order

 We will be in 3 way : Myself, My banker and Your banker so my banker will confirm that he is ready to trade. Your banker shall confirm that he is ready to send sell ticket over Euroclear at the agreed Price.

 My banker will match with a Buy Ticket on euroclear

Settlement in T+3 days

Compliance : In order to avoid long compliance, Our bank will be acting as counterparty in this transaction.

Very Important : Please confirm the bonds are still available and Price, so we can start with the paperwork immediately.

Settlement Procedures we follow: DVP/DTC/Euroclear.. buy & sell ticket on T3 desk to desk.

Thank you, please advise if you have any direct offers from any desk / owner that we can screen and engage.



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