Offer MTNS Euroclear CCI

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Offer MTNS Euroclear CCI

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:23 pm

CCI / Crest Internal Euroclear Procedures:
1. Buyer provides: 1) the name of the bank and location 2) the time when the Buyer input will be entered into CCI / Crest Euroclear. 
2. Buyer's bank officer or Euroclear officer e-mails a copy of the completed Buyer Input screen to the Seller after the Buyer Input has been completed (Email address TBP).
3. Seller's bank officer enters the Seller Input within 60-90 minutes after receiving the copy of the Buyer Input screen 
4. The CCI / Crest system verifies the information from Buyer and Seller and completes the purchase transaction.
5. The CCI / Crest system sends a confirmation that the transaction has been completed to both the Buyer and Seller bank officers.

6. Buyer pays FPA to Intermediaries.


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