offer is from ROSNEFT in certificate seller company

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offer is from ROSNEFT  in certificate seller company  Empty offer is from ROSNEFT in certificate seller company

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offer is from ROSNEFT  in certificate seller company

1. Product: Jet Fuel Aviation Kerosene (JP54). Price: USD$XX gross/USD$XX per Bbl. Quantity: 2,000,000 BBL first lift with 5,000,000 BBL x 12 months R & E.

2. Product: D6 Virgin Fuel Oil. Price: USD$0.XX gross/USD$0.XX per gallon. Quantity: 100,000,000 gallons first lift with 400,000,000 x 12 months R & E.

3. Product: D2 Gasoil L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82. Price: USD$XX gross/USD$XXX net per MT. Quantity: 50,000 – 100,000 MT first lift with R & E. Destination: FOB Rotterdam/Houston. Inspection: SGS

PROCEDURE: 1. Buyer issue ICPO along with current and valid TSA.
2. Upon seller’s approval of ICPO and TSA, Seller issue Commercial Invoice. Buyer signs and return.
3. Seller issue to the Buyer the Partial Proof of Product (PPOP) Documents:
3.1. Legalized and Notarized Commercial Invoice
3.2. Product Passport (Quality and Quantity Analytical Report)
3.3. Authority to Sell and Collect (ATSC)
3.4. Statement of Product Availability
4. Buyer provides Notice of Readiness (NOR) from their storage facility confirming buyer’s storage tanks to receive after Dip Test.
5. Upon receipt of buyer’s NOR, seller issues to buyer the Full Proof of Product (POP) documents:
5.1. Copy of the Certificate of Origin
5.2. Copy of Export License
5.3. Injection Report at Rotterdam/Houston
5.4. Fresh SGS Report at Rotterdam/Houston
5.5. Allocation Certificate 5.6. Unconditional Dip Test Authorization (DTA)
5.7. Inspection Permit
6. Upon successful dip test, buyer pays at sight via MT-103 or TT.
7. Buyer lifts product and seller pays out intermediaries involved as per NCNDA/IMPFA.
8. Buyer signs one year contract with Seller.


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