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Post  Admin on Tue May 29, 2018 5:42 pm

Dear company office  , Dear buyer  

Product from Russia  refinery

1 .Buyer issues ICPO + CP.

2. Seller issues Contract Open for little Amendments.

3. Buyer counters sign and seal the contract and sends via email to Seller, Seller sign NCNDA/IMFPA with the mandates including agents.

4. Seller issues verifiable PPOP, which will consist of the following documents:
a) Certificate of Origin;
b) Product passport, and
c) Statement of product availability.

5. Buyer issues and activates MT760 SBLC for the total value of products.

6. Buyer’s bank sends irrevocable, unconditional, confirmed, open and unrestricted, transferable SWIFT MT760/SBLC (verbiage as confirmed in the SPA) in the amount of the first delivery to Seller’s bank within 3 (three)banking days and Buyer sends copy of the transmitted SWIFT immediately to Seller’s company email address., and provide FULL PROOF OF PRODUCT which will include the following:
a) Statement of Product Availability;
b) Product Certificate of Origin;
c) Refineries commitment to supply;
d) Registration document to export;
e) Product passport (DIP TEST RESULT);
f) Tank storage receipt; Chemical analysis report.

7. Ship arrives at delivery destination and conduct inspection on the goods and buyer release payment via MT103/TT to seller bank after inspection at delivery destination 100% payable for each shipment within 2 banking days upon the cargo passed Q&Q by indigenous inspection company, BL and Commercial Invoice. Buyer present the payment receipt to Seller, Sellerimmediately discharge the cargo to Buyer’s ships.

8. Documents from shipping on board vessel. (To be issued after loading).
a) Ocean Bill of Lading;
b) Q/Q report at the port of loading;
c) Certificate of Origin
d) Signed commercial invoice based on the delivered quantity and quality onboard vessel;Cargo manifest original; Captain’s receipt of all documents of the shipped product.
e) After confirmation of receipt of payment seller shall instruct ship's captain to discharge cargo.
f) Seller sends the title ownership documents to Buyer.
g) Seller pays commission

if you need Hard Copy  

Hard copy  
buyer can open DHL account
Seller will post it to them

send info about  PORT for CIF ASWP
XX m – maximum draft
XX m – maximum width
XXX m – maximum length
XXXX  t – maximum deadweight



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