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TO: Real and End-Buyers only

Quantity: Minimum: 500,000 BBLS Trial Shipment / Maximum: 5,000,000
BBLS Monthly. CIF Price:
FOB Price:
2. RUSSIAN MAZUT M100 10585/75
Quantity: Minimum: 50,000 MT Trial Shipment / Maximum: 300,000
MT Monthly. CIF Price:  
FOB Price:  
Quantity: Minimum 50,000 MT Trial Shipment / Maximum: 500,000
MT Monthly CIF:  
Quantity: Minimum 50,000 MT Trial Shipment / Maximum: 500,000
MT Monthly CIF:  
Quantity: Minimum: 100,000,000 Gallon Trial Shipment / Maximum: 300,000,000
Gallon Monthly. CIF:  

6. EN590 GOST 52368-2005
Quantity: Minimum 50,000 MT Trial Shipment / Maximum 500,000
MT Monthly CIF:
Net Commission/MT:
GOST 305-82
Quantity: Minimum: 10,000 MT Trial Shipment / Maximum: 500,000
MT Monthly. CIF:

1.Buyer issues an ICPO, CP, buyer company registration certificate. ICPO to include these procedures.
2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) of the total value amount of stored product toBuyer.
3. Buyer signs and returns CI and TSA.
4. Upon receipt of signed CI, Seller issues:
a. Certificate of Origin
b. Product Passport
c. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR);
d. Authorization To Verify (ATV);
5. Upon approval by Buyer of seller’s documents, Seller issues Dip Test Authorization (DTA) and SGS report.
6. Buyer conducts Dip Test/SGS and after upon successful results, buyer pays for the product by MT103 or TT
within 24 hours,and lifting commences from Buyer’s leased tanks to vessel.
7. Buyer contacts the Seller’s leased tank farm company, to take over the lease of the refinery's storage tank and
receive the product (Buyer pays only for the cost of the days he leases the tank).
8. Seller transfers the ownership title of the allocation to the Buyer’s name. Seller issues to the Buyer Title of
Ownership Certificate, to be followed by export documentation.
9. Seller & Buyer pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hours:
• Seller Side paid by seller.
• Buyer Side paid by buyer.

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F(ree) O(n) (B)oard = paid up to the side of the dock in Rotterdam including ocean freight, but excluding any terminal handling charges or any cost that would be incurred after.
What is FOB?
Answer FOB actually stands for Free on Board not Freight on Board. It is only applicable to shipping (not air freight) and means thesender's responsibility for insurance/tax/duty and risk ends oncethe goods have passed the ship's rail. Therefore, if the ship sinksafter leaving port (or even in port) and you do not have your owninsurance, you lose the goods and all recourse. If the goods aredamaged whilst being unloaded, again you are liable for all losses. FOB is the worst possible agreement in the eyes of the buyer(receiver) of the goods and the best possible agreement in the eyesof the seller (sender). how is the payment of product
What do CIF and FOB mean in shipping terms?
These are global shipping terms which are used in internationaltrade: . CIF means Cost Insurance and Freight. Thatmeans the shipper/trader has to pay the cost of shipment up to theship, insurance cost for the cargo, and freight cost up todestination port. . FOB stands for Free On Board which means theshipper/trader pays only costs up to the ship and the insurancecost, but freight charges are paid by the Buyer/Consignee. (Colloquially, FOB is often stated to mean "freight on board."However this can actually be confusing and should be avoided as itis not conforming with specified terminology of the UCC.) _____ CIF and FOB are governed by the International Chamber of Commercegoverning how shipments are billed. The terms are complicated bythe fact that the terms are applied differently in differentregions. Previously, in North America, under the Uniform Commercial Code(UCC), both "FOB origin" and "FOB destination" left the sellerresponsible for paying costs of loading goods on board the carrier;hence "free on board." When the buyer was responsible for loadingcosts as well, the UCC term was "FAS," "free alongside." Currently, the UCC has removed FOB and FAS, leaving the definitionof these terms up to the interpretation of the parties or theapplicable state's law. Many states have wholly or in part adoptedthe UCC terms without realizing that the UCC has abandoned thedefinitions. A related but separate term "CAP" ("customer-arranged pickup") isused to denote that the buyer will arrange a carrier of theirchoice to pick the goods up at the seller's premises, and theliability for any damage or loss belongs to the buyer.
What does FOB mean?
FOB means Freight On Board.. Essentially it is used to indicate that a purchaser of goodsthat must be transported is responsible to pay for the freight. . Yes FOB can mean that, but its also the slang term for Fresh Offthe Boat. Meaning they're new to the country, or just have anaccent. Teens these days use the term FOB all the time. In the military, FOB can also stand for Forward Operating Base. In US politics, FOB was a slang term for "Friend of Bill"(Clinton). The word "fob" means the chain attached to a pocketwatch.
What does fob mean in shipping terms?
FOB - Free on Board FOB is one of The 11 Incoterms®️ rules: RULES FOR SEA AND INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORT FASFree Alongside Ship FOBFree On Board CFRCost And Freight CIFCost, Insurance and Freight RULES FOR ANY MODE OR MODES OF TRANSPORT EXW Ex Works FCA Free Carrier CPT Carriage Paid To CIP Carriage And Insurance Paid To DAT Delivered At Terminal DAP Delivered At Place DDP Delivered Duty Paid
Does fob ever mean freight on board?
Okay, So You were very very very close! It means free on board. Here is the definition! I researched this and i found this on a website for definitions of abreviations! Free on Board. Indicates that all delivery, inspection and elevation or loading costs involved in putting commodities on board a carrier have been paid. So there you have it. That's probably what it meant if it was on a package or something you got via mail, or delivery. If it was on a tshirt, chances are it was a shirt for my favorite band, fall out boy. You can see why fob would stand for fall out boy. F all O ut B oy. In fact i am wearing a fall out boy shirt now, but fob never means freight on board. Sorry i just had to add in the fall out boy part........: ) If you want to do further research you can go to this website it is a Google one and it has definitions: So just copy and paste into the address bar to go to it! hope this helps!
What does shipping terms FOB NINGO mean?
FOB means "Free on Board." It requires the purchaser to pay freight from wherever it says after "FOB." Ningo is an area in Ghana. So...FOB NINGO means you have to pay the freight bill from the shipper in Ningo, Ghana, to your loading dock.
Can you tell me something about the region of rotterdam?
Rotterdam is one of the 4 largest cities in the Netherlands. It is to be found in the province called Zuid Holland (South Holland).. Zuid Holland is in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Rotterdam with its huge and famous harbour is divided into two parts by the river called Maas. In the region of Rotterdam there is lots of industry to be found. Also agriculture and the cultivation in greenhouses is nearby.
What is the distance between Brussels and Rotterdam?
The distance between Brussels (Belgium) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) is:. 75 miles or. 121 kilometers
What does the fob in key fob stand for?
From wikipedia: "The word fob may be linked to the low German dialect for the word Fuppe, meaning "pocket", however, the real origin of the word is uncertain. Fob pockets (meaning 'sneak proof' from the German word Foppen) were pockets meant to deter thieves and a chain was used (called a Fob Chain) to attach to items, like a pocket watch, that you would place in them."
What lake is Rotterdam port on?
The Rotterdam Harbour stretches over a distance of 40 kilometers (25 mi) along parts of the Rhine-Meuse delta as well as a portion of reclaimed land.
What does FOB means in shipping term?
Freight on Board or Free on Board. It's about shipping and responsibility. Attached article gives a good discussion of the terms and how they differ by use/country.
What does FOB means?
FOB means "free on board." It's a shipping term. If something is advertised as being "FOB Seattle," the seller releases responsibility to the item when it is "on board" either the ship or the truck the item is going to be shipped on. \n. \nAnother term is FAS, which means "free alongside ship." In this mode, responsibility transfers when the seller places the item "alongside" the ship. \n. \nThe difference is that if they drop your backhoe in the ocean while they're putting it on the ship, sending it FOB will force the backhoe company to get you a new one, but sending it FAS will make you buy a new one with your money.
What does CNF and FOB mean in shipping terms?
FOB means Freight on Board CFR (Cost and Freight) This term formerly known as CNF (C&F) defines two distinct and separate responsibilities-one is dealing with the actual cost of merchandise "C" and the other "F" refers to the freight charges to a predetermined destination point. It is the shipper/seller's responsibility to get goods from their door to the port of destination. "Delivery" is accomplished at this time. It is the buyer's responsibility to cover insurance from the port of origin or port of shipment to buyer's door. Given that the shipper is responsible for transportation, the shipper also chooses the forwarder.
What does FOB mean in Fob card?
Fresh off boat. so if you're new to a country or are an immigrant. Or have a weird accent you are expected to be called a fob. sorry about that guys!
What does fob on an invoice mean?
Free on Board - This term means the delivery will be made with no charge to the buyer.
What is the population of Rotterdam?
The population of the city proper is 611,000 as of October 2010. The metro population is 1,211,523.
Watch fob with a 1873 patent owo what does this mean?
The patent would refer to the design of a fob. Patents at the time were good for 17 years to cover the patented design. The patent gave the inventor the right to legally prevent other people from using his invention without a license.
What do you mean FOB Hong Kong?
Freight on Board. It means you will pay the freight charges from Hong Kong to where ever you are.
What is the price of jp54 rotterdam?
The current price for JP54 is $137.5. You can check it out from here: This is a good price but prices won't rise anytime soon. Jet fuel prices will stay in the normal inflation rate at least this year before demand creeps in more. Some of the key players will be rising developing nations like Afghanistan. A click in there and it could trigger an increase in price. The Middle East already has oil so their increase won't matter too much. But it is interesting to state that new technology is poised to make oil obsolete. We'd all hope we can sell it at the best price before it all ends Wink
In Lisa See's book Shanghai Girls what is the meaning of FOB?
In the book she references slang in the Asian-American Communities, FOB stands for Fresh Off the Boat where as ABC stands for American-Born Chinese. It is illustrating the gap between the two different culture sets
Meaning of fob value in shipping?
The abbreviation FOB in the shipping industry means Free on Boardor Freight on Board. The invoice that has this abbreviation on itmeans that the seller is paying for the freight charges.
What does Keyless entry FOB mean?
That's your remote control for unlocking / locking the doors etc ( key FOB )
What does fobbed again mean?
Fobbed Again became a popular expression in 1981 when Democrat Governor, Fob James became unpopular for cutting funds from schools & state employees
What is the activities that can do rotterdam?
There are a lot of things to do: - The Centre of Rotterdam: u can cycle through it, take the tuktuk or just enjoy the many stores and bars. - Visiting the remainings of World War 2 - Visiting different musea (Boijmans, Worldmuseum, Photomusuem etc.) - The Euromast (where u can see the entire city of Rotterdam from the top). - The Erasmus-bridge - The Cube-residents - Delfshaven (historic peace of Rotterdam) - Spido or any other historic boat on the Maas These are just the most abvious tourist things to do. The city offers a lot more and is easy to explorer. When entering Rotterdam there is a possibility to buy a map and a travelling card which let's you see most of Rotterdam in just one day.
Who is the ownership of Rotterdam port?
The port is operated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority, originally a municipal body of the municipality of Rotterdam, but since 1 January 2004, a government corporation jointly owned by the municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch State. Read more:
What does fob usd in a price quote mean?
FOB stands for Freight on Board. That is, the product will be loaded on a truck but no transportation cost are included beyond the FOB point. USD means U. S Dollars. If the two are put together as in your question it is just a poorly constructed proposal.
What is the meaning of FOB Dubai?
FOB is a Shipping Term. It is a short form for Free on Board. It means the exporter is giving you price FOB Dubai and the exporter is responsible to deliver cargo/shipment till the Sea Port, Air Port etc. Insurance plus freight will be paid by the Importer
Do you need id in rotterdam nightclubs?
Officially you have to carry around an official form of (photo) ID anyway in case of being stopped by the police (and upon request you must produce this) anyway by law in the Rotterdam. I don't know where you are from, but an official (government issued) photo ID card will also suffice. Anyway, concerning coffeeshops/bars/Nightclubs, the same rules pretty much apply.
What does FOB Ningbo mean?
According to international shipping terminology, FOB means theseller pays for transport of the goods to the city named. Ningbo isa port in the People's Republic of China, so the term means thatthe seller will pay transport to that city, and the buyer will payfrom there onwards.
What does CIF rotterdam mean in CPO price?
Crude Palm Oil Some small sellers/brokers of Indonesia/Malaysia do not have any specific price idea as to what price they should offer to their customer So they are referring to one website of a UK based company called REA. In general they try to say: Whatever Price REA showing as today's price that is what is our price. REA showing CIF price which means: C ost of the good/oil, I nsurance cost for the whole consignment right from port of loading until arrived and delivered F reight - Carrying cost from Indonesia or load port all the way up to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Carrier to Rotterdam and delivered to receivers tank or trucks. Though they did not mention if it is FLT, FILO, LIFO or FIO but in general it is understood FIO. Now if you are buying CPO from Indonesia for India the seller would offer you FOB so what it has to do with delivery at Rotterdam or CIF Rotterdam that I would not understand. As to my own observation goes it is only those confused, day dreamer, illiterate and/or half educated so called seller referring you to Rotterdam Price.
What is the motto of the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands?
'Sterker door strijd' , which means 'Stronger through struggle', is the motto of the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
What does fob apache mean?
A FOB is a Forward Operating Base. FOB Apache is in Southern Afghanistan, near Qalat.
Do you need a passport to go to rotterdam?
It all depends on where you are coming from. In all cases, carry one just in case - it's not much weight and can avoid most problems.
What does fob and fis and cnf mean when shipping imports?
When shipping imports, the acronym FOB stands for "Freight onBoard". FIS means "Free in Store", and CNF is for "Cost andFreight".
What is FOB and FOR?
I've seen a like of bizarre answers for the question "What is F.O.B.?" or "What is F.O.B. pricing?" Most are so wrong that I wonder if they are jokes. F.O.B. means Free On Board. This pricing term indicates that the cost of the goods, including all transportation and insurance costs from the manufacturer to the port of departure, as well as the costs of loading the vessel are included in the quoted price. This means that the seller has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods to that point and the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods after that point. Example: Assume I'm in Los Angeles, CA and I want to buy something from Fresno, CA to send to Honolulu. If the terms are FOB Long Beach, then the seller in Fresno pays for all costs to get the goods to Long Beach. Once they are in Long Beach, I am responsible for all further costs. I have to pay to ship it to Honolulu. If the goods are damaged or stolen BEFORE they get to Long Beach, it's the seller's responsibility to fix or replace them. Once I get them in Long Beach, the goods are mine. If they are lost, damaged or stolen between Long Beach and Honolulu, it's my loss (that's why the seller has insurance for the 1st part of the trip - to Long Beach - and I take out insurance for the trip to Honolulu).
What is the port in Rotterdam called?
Im going from hull England to rotterdam nederlands what is the port called in rotterdam
What does the term FOB mean export?
FOB is an abbreviation for Free On Board. The term FOB (often seen as f.o.b.) is commonly used when shipping goods, to indicate who pays loading and transportation costs, and/or the point at which the responsibility of the goods transfers from shipper to buyer. FOB shipping is the term used when the ownership/liability of goods passes from the seller to the buyer at the time the goods cross the shipping point to be delivered. FOB destination designates that the seller is responsible for the goods until the buyer takes possession. This is important in determining who is responsible for lost or damaged goods when in transit from the seller to the buyer. The buyer is responsible when shipped FOB shipping and the seller is responsible if shipped FOB destination. CAP, or customer arranged pickup, is used to denote that the buyer will arrange a carrier of their choice to pick the goods up and the liability for any damage or loss belongs to the buyer.
What hotels are located in Rotterdam?
"There are 85 hotels located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. These include Hotel One Rotterdam, A Small Hotel, Hotel Milano, H2Otel, and the luxurious Campinile."
What does platinum fob chain mean?
A short watch chain worn with a watch carried in the fob. A fob is . A small pocket at the front waistline of a man's trousers or in the front of a vest, used especially to hold a watch. OR a. A short chain or ribbon attached to a pocket watch and worn hanging in front of the vest or waist. b. An ornament or seal attached to such a chain or ribbon..
Is Rotterdam in Holland or in the Netherlands?
Rotterdam is a city in South Holland. But since Holland is a part of The Netherlands, both answers are correct.
What countries border Rotterdam?
Rotterdam is in the Netherlands. It is a city, and does not border any countries.
What are some meanings for the acronym FOB?
Some of the meanings for the acronym F.O.B. are Free on Board, Forward Operating Base, Fall Out Boy, Freight on Board, Father of the Bride, and Fecal Occult Blood.
What doese FOB mean?
FOB means Free on Board. While quoting rates in international trade, this term is extensively used. FOB should include cost of material, profit element,clearing agent's charges at port of shipment,where as the freight will be payable at destination by the importer and insurance is to be arranged by importer at their end..
What are some good hotels in Rotterdam?
Rotterdam is the second largest city in Holland. The Suite Hotel Pincoffs, The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam as well as the Hotel New York have all received great reviews and are rated the top three hotels by Trip Advisor.
In what country is the city Rotterdam located in?
Rotterdam is a city located in the Netherlands. It is the second largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. The city started as a dam in 1270.
How many people live in rotterdam?
According to Wikipedia - as of February 2012, the population of the city was 617,347. That figure roughly doubles if you include the metropolitan area.
What hotels are there in Rotterdam?
There are a total of seventy-five different hotels in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Because of this large amount of hotels, you have all the normal chain hotels.
What is the meaning of the FOBS acronym?
The acronym FOB stands for 'free on board'. It refers to freight costs of shipping deliveries in business, and denotes the point between the seller and buyer where the goods do or do not have the freight charges paid for. For example, if a Los Angeles popcorn company buys popcorn from Alaska, and the Alaska seller declares the purchase to be FOB Alaska, or FOB their own warehouse, this means the buyer must pay the freight from Alaska to California. If the seller states the popcorn purchase is FOB Los Angeles, or FOB 'your door', then the Alaska seller pays the freight to that logistics point.
What does FOB Riga mean?
FOB is an acronym for Free On Board. The meaning is that the buyerpays for the transport of materials.
What does it mean FOB Bangkok?
FOB stands for 'Free On Board'. Based on your question, I willassume that whatever you're having shipped, will be shipped forfree to Bangkok, but you would be responsible for any shippingcharges incurred from Bangkok to where you live.


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