Offer D2 from South America

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Offer D2 from South America   Empty Offer D2 from South America

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Offer D2 from south America

Option 1: CIF

1. Supplier XXXXXXX C –
2. Seller : TBA
4. Combustible DIESEL D2
5. Origin
6. Specs Provided by the Refinery
7. Volume 32,000 MT (minimum) per month 500,000 MT (maximum) per month
8. Liftable as much as possible (it’s up of Buyer’s Tanker Capacity)
9. Terms of Contract: SPOT – with monthly rolls and extensions
10. Terms of Delivery: CIF
11. First Inspection: By the Refinery, SGS, Saybolt, Intertek, or similar
Payable by the Seller 100%

1. Price: $ XXXX Fixed Price
2. Payment Instrument: BANK ACCOUNT STATEMENT VIA MT760
3. Payment Terms: MT 103 MONEY TRANSFER will be issues by the Buyer’s Bank once the Product Diesel D2 has been inspected ON BOARD the Buyer’s designated Tanker-Vessel, or into Storage Tank (s).
4. Second Inspection: By SGS, Saybolt or Intertek or any other similar surveyor’s agency. Payable by the Buyer 100%
5. Proof of Product: - FULL POP (Product documents)
- FULL POP (Shipping documents)
- Contract & Commercial Invoice (Legal Documents)
Original POP and Legal Documents: All documents
shall be released to the BUYER at the moment that
product is Physically Transferred to the Buyer.
Copies of POP and Legal Documents: Buyer will receive all documents simultaneous at its moment in
transaction via electronic

1. Seller sends this SCO
2. Buyer sends Bank Statement and/or Tear Sheet, via email.
3. Buyer and Seller signs contract
4. Seller Sends POP to BUYER
5. Buyer’s bank sends MT760 (Bank Guarantee/Blocked Funds) to Seller’s designated banking
account (at HK)
6. Seller deliveries the product as per accordance in contract, in not more than
ten (10) working days after issuance of MT760
6. Buyer PAYS product via MT103 after his final inspection of the Product as
per his complete and Full Satisfaction
7. Title is transferred, and Full Original POP and Legal Docs are released to the Buyer
8. Same procedure is repeated in case of Rolls and Extensions

sunny Seller will only sell based on blocked funds .

Offer D2 from South America   Thank_19

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