for Terminal Storage , refinery EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE CORROSION

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for Terminal Storage  ,  refinery EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE CORROSION Empty for Terminal Storage , refinery EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE CORROSION

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for Terminal Storage  , Refinery

GmbH according to German Standards focusing on high quality products

where is problem with water  ELIMINATE CORROSION

Innovative Surface Protection Systems

represents high performance, innovative corrosion protection coatings with excellent chemical resistance and remarkable mechanical abrasion resistance. These exceptional properties are created by incorporating micro- and nanoparticles into a state-of-the-art resin matrix.

systems protect various substrates such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, GRP, etc. against a wide variety of process conditions.

products primarily used in wastewater, oil industry, power plants, food industry and wherever aggressive chemical conditions pose a threat to structures.

extremely high performance protective coating with superior chemical resistance in a wide thermal range from normal ambient temperature up to 550 °C.


glass fiber reinforced lining systems that can be applied to both steel and concrete substrates and are suitable for chemically and mechanically stressed areas.
laminate systems are used to seal reinforced concrete and recovery basins when storing liquids, indoors and outdoors or as a flooring product.
systems are subdivided according to their resin base. These include Vinyl-Ester, Furan, Phenolic and Epoxy resin systems, which are used depending on the particular process conditions.

repair putties that are generally used to repair damaged equipment, glas/rubber or enamel lined vessels or tanks and to fill in surface defects of objects

advanced repairing putty derived from a novel technology that combines, on a molecular level, both organic and inorganic molecules to provide a thermally stable highly crosslinked structure. It offers superior broad range chemical resistance from sub ambient to elevated temperatures in excess of 225°C, after only an ambient cure.

low-diffusion, chemically and thermally resistant synthetic resin coatings, which are enriched with glass flakes (wafer-thin, micro-fine, transparent glass flakes). Glass flakes are lamellar barrier pigments that line up parallel to the substrate. In this way, an excellent barrier effect is created which makes the penetration of moisture, gas and chemicals considerably more difficult and thus ensures a long lifetime of the coating.

offers high dry temperature resistance, outstanding adhesion to steel and high abrasion resistance.

systems are applied by airless-spraying, brushing or rolling.

2-component high-tech corrosion resistant coating



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