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Offer   2 mil bbls x 12 months

but it cant work that way  . before we get a buyer vessel details we need to load the cargo and send him details with that this is our working procedure because all what your buyer is starting is they don't agree to give any instrument and without any instrument it all be hard to deal The Price for the Barrel (BLCO) Shall Be Determined By Dated Brent” As Published By McGraw Hill Market Wireg. Average Of Dated Brent Effective For Three Consecutive Publishing Days, A Day Before, The Day Of B/Lading And Day After B/Lading Date Minus A Discount Of USD $9.00 /Barrel  Below Dated Bent.
Discount of Usd$9.00 per Barrel
Net To Buyer Usd$5.00 per Barrel
Commission to Seller Usd$2.00 per Barrel, Buyer Commission Usd$2.00 per Barrel.


1. Buyer & Seller Sign and Seal This Contract and Exchange the Signed Copy by Electronic Mail. The Electronic Signed Copy by Both Parties Is considered Legally Binding and Enforceable.                        

2.     Buyer Returns Signed Spa In PDF Complete With Letter Of Readiness From His Bank Requesting For Previous Cargo Documents From Sellers (Cargo Manifesto Or Bill Of Lading) Accompanied With His Coordinated Port Of Discharge, Nor/Eta Details, Harbour Masters Details And 5 Email Addresses And Seller Bank Will Officially Receives Nominated Account For  Bank Instrument (B/G , L/C Or Medium Term Note Block Fund And Mt760)From The Buyer’s Bank.                                    

3.     Seller Bank Confirms Pre-Advice and within 14 Days Seller Ensures That the Cargo Is registered And Programme In Buyer’s Name And Send The Full Cargo Document To Buyer Bank. Buyer upon Confirmation with Buyer’s Bank.

4.    Seller And Or Buyer Conducts Inspection And Release Or Get SGS Report/CPAO The Vessel/Insurance Certificate.  

5.  Vessel Sails To Port Of Discharge, Or Seller Nominate Vessel Already At Buyers Port In Europe.

6.    Buyer's Inspectors Climb Vessel and Conduct Q&Q At Buyer's     Expense and Results Issued And Confirmed And Full Payment Before Discharge Or Take Over Is Affected By Divisible/Transferable Mt103 To Seller And All Commissions Then Vessel Discharges Product Into Buyers Shore Tank And Next Shipment Scheduled.any time you have serious buyers that agree to buy on TTT/TTO/CIF /FOB you contact me i am seller mandate this buyers are agent not real buyers that why they are looking for vessel around china water or vessel  that buyers cant perform and that will take them time because

and you need to ask him if he have registerd with sinopec if we have a buyer that accept our procedure we will go to any where to delivered  

And if we are looking for tank farm in china to hied or chartered that is when the seller will be the one to pay for the tank farm . But in this very case a buyer want a seller to deliver product to his tank farm . That means he have  to charters the tank farm before starting any deal because when seller vessel want to come they have to send NOR to buyers tank farm

Arrow ok then you will ask them what I ask you if the buyer is registered with sinopec . becasuse without that no vessel can enter china tank farm  . so before we keep talking because we can agrre and beleave that we have a deal but last you discover that the buyer is not registered with sinopec and the vessel cant get to any tank farm in china   . it all be wasting of time and money

2 USD commmission seller closed  

2 USD  

0.750  buyer mandate  

0.312  B01

0.312  B02

0.312   B03

0.312   B04

Variat  B


2 usd closed  

1 USD  

0.20 buyer mandate

4x 0.20 for B01 B02 B 03 B 04  


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