Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts G From Financial Authorities

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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts G From Financial Authorities Empty Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts G From Financial Authorities

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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts G From Financial Authorities



G & R Capital Management
G R Ranking Limited / Paydayloan
G.K.S.J. Financial Services
G.M.M. Equity Holding LLC (
G2G Insurance (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
G8 Invest Ltd
GAFIN Exec International
Gain Capital Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Gainmax Capital Limited
Gajan Insurance and Technological Resources
GalaFX Ltd (clone)
Galileo Asset Management SA
Gallery Management Holding Corporation
Gap Associates
GAP International Services
Garant Financial Consultants Ltd
Garant Partners
Gardner Financial Trading
Garner Goldstein Incorporated
Garrard Associates
Garrett Hopkins Associates (
Gatco Bank PLC
Gate Resources Ltd
Gatemoor Securities Inc
Gatemore Capital Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Gatemore Securities
Gateway Bond Bank
Gateway International
Gaurdian Offshore Inc
Gaz Fin
GB Global Mining AG (
GBN Bancorp Ltd
GC Investment Credit & Trust Ekonomisk Förening, GCICT
GC Venture Capital
GCI Financial Ltd.
GCI International-
GCI Investments
GDPX Assets ltd
GE Money Financing (clone)
Geller Associates
Gem Loans / Jem Loans (clone of an authorised firm)
Gemini Asset Management
Gemini M&A
Gemini Mergers and Acquisitions
Geminus Partners (
Général Finance SPRL
General Investment Trading Limited
Genesis Transfer Group
Geneva International Finance Group (UK) Ltd
Geneva-Commodities AG
Genius Capital Limited
Genius Funds
Genius Investments
Genworth Consultant Group
Georgian Group Ltd, The
Gerken Capital Associates
Gerrard Investment Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Gestion Forex
Get My Loans (clone)
Get Private (
GEVAB Europe (
GF Capital / British Greatfount Capital (UK)
GF Capital Management Ltd (clone)
GF Portfolio Solutions
GFM Markets/ Global Financial Markets
GFS Management Limited
GHF Cayman Islands
GHL NETWORKS (although it should be noted it has no connection with GHL Network Services Limited, which is an Appointed Representative)
Giant Global Markets Limited
Gibson & Peterson Company Ltd
GICE Securities
GIG Holdings Ltd
GIGA Invest (Clone of previously FSA EEA authorised firm)
Giles and Hochman Consulting (
GKFX Group (UK) Limited
GlassRise Bank (clone)
Glencore International Plc
Glendale Management Group
Glendale Settlements Incorporated
Glenn Stephen Edwards (
Glo Trade UK Ltd
Global Acquisitions Regulators
Global Administrative Providers Inc
Global Advisory Group
Global Alliance Insurance Company
Global Analytical Solutions
Global Asset Group
Global Asset Management ( (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Global Assets Management LLC
Global Attorney Services Boston
Global Broker (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Global Capital Equities
Global Capital Group
Global Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions / Global Capital Group
Global Capital Management
Global Capital Markets Worldwide, GCM
Global Capital Recovery
Global Clearing Services
Global Climate Agency
Global Corporate Partners
Global Credit Investment Bank
Global Direct Equities LLC (Clone of US broker dealer)
Global Direct Financial
Global Direct Financial Inc.
Global Discretionary Investment Funds/
Global Efficiency Inc.
Global e-Finance Investment Group
Global Energy Opportunities
Global Equities Capital Markets (Clone of FSA EEA authorised/authorised firms,
Global Equities Partnership
Global Equity Management
Global Equity Partners / GE Partners
Global Escrow Exchange
Global Fin Services Limited trading as Trade 12
Global Financial Corp Worldwide, GFC
Global Financial Management
Global Financial Product (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Global Financial Services (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Global Financial Services Regulatory Committee
Global Financial Trust Bank
Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co. Inc
Global FX Secure Trust
Global Growth Acquisitions
Global Hedge Fund Group Ltd.
Global International Trading
Global Investment Advisors
Global Investment Consultants
Global Investment Group (
Global Investment Management (UK) Limited
Global Investment Partners – (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Global Investments Consultants
Global Investments Ltd
Global Investor Commission
Global Lifestyle Group S.A. (WorldFXClub)
Global Link Mergers & Acquisitions
Global Link Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Loans and Investment Company (Stewart Alexandra(m))
Global Managers Investment Company/
Global Market Consultants
Global Marketing Online Limited / ADS Securites (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Global Medical Financing
Global Merchant Services
Global Mergers and Acquisitions Inc
Global Mergers Corporation
Global Metal and Commodities Exchange
Global Micro Finance
Global Mining Resources
Global Monetary Organisation
Global Multi-Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
Global Network Fiduciary LLC
Global Ocean Bank
Global One International (
Global Options S.A.
Global Options Solutions
Global Pension Plan
Global Platinum Securities Inc.
Global Project Management SA
Global Quest Consultancy Services, Inc
Global Quest Emerging Fund LP aka Hydro Environmental Int’l
Global Recovery Alliance, Ltd
Global Regulatory Authority
Global Re-Insurance Services
Global Stox
Global Trading Center
Global Transfer Corporation
Global Trust Asset Management
Global Valores
Global Ventures Capital Partners
Global Wealth Center
Global Wealth Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm and Appointed Representative)
Global Wealth Partners PLC
Global World Acquisitions (
Globalbanc Financial Services Limited (
Globe Finance Group
Globe Trade Services
Globex International Group
Globex Partners (
Globus Capital Associates Limited (GCAL)
Globus Trust Limited
Glover Capital Group
GM Services LLC
GMA Advisory Services Inc.
GMC Europe (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised Firm)
GMM Equity Holding (
GMM Group plc
GMO Investment Management / GMO Funds PLC / GMO (clone)
GNB Investments Finance LLC
Go 4 UK Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Go Markets UK (clone)
Godfrey Brooks Investment Advisory
Godwynn International
Gold Asset Associates
Gold Asset Managers (
Gold Bridge Capital Inc.
Gold Coast Investments
Gold Seal Trading
Goldbeam International Inc.
Goldberg & Associate
Goldberg Capital Group Ltd
Goldberg Heche Associates
Goldberg Kravitz (now known as Union Partners SL)
Goldberger & Decadenet (
Goldbrigde Fund Management (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Goldburn Management
Goldcrest International Ltd t/a Goldcrest Holdings Ltd
Golden Equity Solutions
GolDen Finance Clearing House
Golden Futures Trader
Golden Global Investment Limited
Golden Green FX Limited
Golden Medallion Trading
Golden Trading Organisation
Golden Wealth Group
Goldenberg Limited
Goldenway Investments
Goldfield Consultants
Goldfield Consultants AG
Goldman and Lyle Consulting Group-(
Goldman and Ross
Goldman Asset Management (GAM)
Goldman Crown Property Consultants Limited
Goldman Phillips (
Goldman Reeves Ltd
Goldman Sachs International (Clone of FSA authorised firms)
Goldmann Imperial Capital
Goldmill Wagner & Associates
Goldsmith & Harris
Goldstein Brokers Limited
GoldTech Media Services OU / S2Trade
Goodman and Banks Ltd
Goodman Hart Associates
Goodman Management Associates
Goodman Stern
Goodwin Capital Management (Based in Korea)
Goodwin Capital Management Limited
Goodwin William Inc,
Goodwin William Inc.
Gopinath (Mr Preethy Biju Gopinath)
Gordon Group Services (
Gordon Marks Capital
Gordon, Tait & Co. LLC (
Gotthard Capital Partners
GP Markets Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firms)
GPG England (
GPM by Asadia
GQM International Group Co., Limited
Graceful Motors Limited
Graham Barry Palmer
Graham Walker
Gran Canaria Consultores Y Asesores, S.L.
Grand Capital Incorporated
Grand Capital Limited
Grand Meridian Private Equity Ltd
Grandby Trading Investment Corporation
Granite Consolidated
Grant Group LLC
Grant Trust Company
Graves, Stanley & Peabody Ltd
Grayson House AG
Graystone Developments/ Graystone UK Limited
Great Basin Scientific, Ltd
Great Britain loans PVT loan Limited (clone)
Great Britain Martial Arts Association (aka GBMAA)
Great Cities Media, Inc.
Great Eastern Securities Inc.
Greater Advisory
Green & Global Limited / Green and Global Administration Limited
Green Brook International
Green Cap Financial LLC
Green Carbon Direct Limited (
Green Carbon Solutions Limited
Green Care Investments
Green Choice Limited
Green Choice Standard
Green Investment Services (
Green Machine
Green Oak Financial (clone)
Green Oak Limited
Green Palace Loans (
Green Plants Investment Management Ltd
Green Tree Financial Advisors Inc (
Green Valley Venture Capitalist
Green World Solutions Ltd.
Greenbird Financial
Greener Earth Group (GE Group)
Greenfield and Associates (
Greenfield Consulting Ltd
Greenfield Loans Limited
GreenFields Capital
Greengate Advisors (,
Greenhill Research Partners
GreenIndex International Ltd.
Greenshields Capital Group
Greentree Financial Advisors Inc.
Greenway Consultancy (
Greenwich Equities Consulting
Greenwich Trust Ltd
Greenwood Capital Advisors (
Greenwood Warren
Greenwyn M&A (‘Greenwyn’)
Gregory & Krest Investment
Gregory & Krest Investment Bank
Grenfell and Blackrock Associates (
Gresham Associates
Greyhill Consultants
Greyson Consulting Group (
Greyson Management
Griffin Mergers and Aquisitions
Groen Belang
Grönlands Union Banken
Grosvenor Capital / GCR Capital
Grosvenor Investor Wealth Management (Grosvenor FMS Ltd)
Grove Capital Advisors Limited
Growth Management Capital
Gruber & Taylor Co
Gruenberg Partners (
Grundbuchzertifikat Ltd
Grus Capital Management
GS Anguilla
GS Asset Management
GS Equity Group (trading name of Hodgson Brown Ltd)
GS Global Asset Management LLC-
GS Holdings International
GS Loans (clone)
GSH Solutions
GSI Markets
GTC Advisors
GTS Provident Corporation Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Guarantee Trust Asset Management Company
Guaranteed Loans (clone)
Guarantor Loans t/a
Guaranty Consolidated
Guaranty Finance Clearing House Isle of Man UK
Guardian Asset Management
Guardian Creative Tax Planners
Guardian International
Guardian International Limited ( and (
Guardian International Ltd.
Guardian Partners LLC
Guardian Securities –, (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Guardian Worldwide
Guarranty Finance Clearing House
Guggenheim Group AG
Guidepost Investments Limited
Gulf Building Society
Gulf Finance Group
Gulf Merchant Bank (Cloning details of a FCA authorised firm)
Gulf Oil Exploration Corporation Inc.
Gulf Pacific Asset Management Limited
Gulfway Investments Limited (
Gulfway Management (
Gultsara Trading Ltd.
Gun Allen Financial Corp
GVQ Investment Funds (clone of FCA authorised firm)

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