Offer Nickel , manganese , iron ore Lithium Carbonate 99% Battery grade.

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Offer Nickel , manganese , iron ore Lithium Carbonate 99% Battery grade.

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:59 am

We have manganese ore 46%
Qty. 3000 MT monthly
CFR price $260MT
payment. 100% DLC.

Manganese 42%
qty, 12500 MT or depend on buyer requirement
CFR. $250 MT
size. 10-90 MM
payment. 100% DLC at loading port.

Nickel 1.65%
Qty. 50,000 -- 100,000 MT
Payment. 100% DLC.
Size. . 10-50 mm
Delivery. 20 days after receipt of LC.

Origin. Chile
Lithium Carbonate 99% Battery grade.
FOB. $14250MT
Payment. 100% DLC
Delivery. 3-5 days after receipt of LC
Packing. One MT/bag.

Origin. Mexico
Iron ore 64.5%
qty. 150,000 -- 1,000,000 MT MONTHLY
CIF. Platts less 7%-12% as discount.
size. 10 MM
payment. 100% DLC.
Delivery. 30 days after receipt of DLC.

Sulphur granular

from October 10.000 MT , than 11x 20.000 MT

1 Mass fraction of sulphur, min % 99,90
2 Mass fraction of ash, max % 0,05
3 Mass fraction of organic elements, max % 0,06
4 Mass fraction of acids in conversion to sulphuric acid, max % 0,004
5 Mass fraction of water, max % 0,2
-mass fraction of granules less than 2 mm, max % 2

The basic condition of delivery is FAS Mersin, Turkey (according to INCOTERMS-2010). The allocation of the duties and expenses of the parties for delivery of the goods, transfer of the goods to the Buyer, fulfillment of formalities on exportation, importation of the goods and transfer of the risk of casual loss or damages of the goods from the Seller to the Buyer, are realized according to the indicated delivery conditions, described in INCOTERMS - 2010.
upon request, we will send you SCO.



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