Offer for steam coal (Canada Origin)

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Offer for steam coal (Canada Origin) Empty Offer for steam coal (Canada Origin)

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:04 pm

Dear company

from my contact

Price:  94$ per MT, CIF-ASWP basis
Payment: 100% LC / DLC at sight irrevocable & Non transferable from top prime bank.
Net Calorific Value: More than 6500 Kcal / kg (past supply SGS certificate is attached here for your ready reference), GAR 72.

Trust, our offer in line with your expectations and looking forward to hearing from you with LOI.
Have a nice day ahead.

Seller will pay commsiosn or how
Seller will pay commission by ncnda-imfpa agreement

you u need commsiosn from buyer ??
No. I will get commission from seller.

if buyer will send LOI what happedn than , you take contact and call to buyer ???
After receipt of LOI from buyer, seller will provide FCO. Buyer needs to sign and stamp FCO and return to seller along with ICPO. ICPO shall include all wording of FCO including buyer banking coordinates.

if buyer will send ICPO you will send DRAFT ??
If buyer issue ICPO, seller will issue draft contract for buyer review/comment. After agreement, both seller and buyer will sign contract.

offer is with 2 % PB or not
Incase of contract order, seller provides 1.5% PB. Seller do not provide 2% PB. No PB for spot order.

is there spot or contact ???
Seller also works on contract order.

Offer for steam coal (Canada Origin) Sgs_re10


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