Dove's Bonds & CMO & LTN & Orange

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Dove's Bonds & CMO & LTN & Orange

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:53 pm

let work on this asap for 20Ct.. we have 5B, of series B/C/E.. of 1913 nonds Dove's Bonds

thx we can do a TTM closing @ Chase/NY or Citi Bank NY, or Bank Of America NY

advise asap..

we can do the LTN's of XX.X B, for a full price, of 20 cents, or less.. depending on the note, and bank issue...

we need the owner to transfer to DTC, of XXX bank, once bank vertiy, and bank of brazil NYC, confirms...

Ltn instruments – year 1972 – series H - color purple – face value Cr$ (one billion two hundred million) – 10 (ten) pieces -

Ltn instruments - year 1972 – series 001 – color blue – face value Cr$ 100.000.000 (one hundred million) – 10 (ten) pieces -

CMO's ok awaiting the finalpaperwork, to start this week, @ 1 cents to owner

send serial number
For orange. 00123 45678

You going to send the complete file, or what!!!!!!!?
we need a screen shot, and a serious window time to transfer to XXXXXX bank/ chase Dtc. Coordinates, so that they can vertify, please spell out your price,


send us your CMO ( buyer available )

send us your CMO ( buyer available )


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