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Dear company

 We look for real issuer / lessor with leasing without any up front fee
If you can arrange real Issuer / Lessor
Please let us know

We are receiver / lessee on this transaction
Price : XX% +2% up to XX% +2% ( No any up front fee)
We will pay total XX % all inclusive as special price
Total amount : 5Billion USD/EURO
First Transaction 500Million
First tranche 100M up to 500M or Lessor available amount

Closing Procedure
Will bind MOA
1)     Lessor bank will issue first MT199 RWA
2)     Lessee bank will issue MT199 BCL
3)     Lessor bank will issue MT799 pre-advice
4)     Lessee bank will issue MT799 BPU / ICBPO
5)     Lessor bank will issue MT760 SBLC
6)     Lessee bank will payment
7)     Lessor bank will hand copy deliver by bank courier

Seasoned MTN with 2nd inquiry  
We will be buying also.

Each size : 100M up to 2Billion around
Currency : USD/EUR
Transaction mode : DVP
Total amount with 1st Transaction : 10B up to 20B


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