Offer ULSD invoice & dip & pay

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Offer ULSD invoice & dip & pay

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:26 am

Offer ULSD invoice & dip & pay

-Buyer sends to seller a company profile with the information for the Commercial Invoice
(please include full banking details to seller).
-Seller sends Commercial Invoice to the Buyer with his banking information; Seller will
provide POP documentation to the Buyer or their Bank (consisting of SGS report) or give dip
test authorization.
-Buyer acknowledges the Commercial invoice; signs, seals and returns to the seller. The
buyer will send Irrevocable, confirmed, non-transferable WIRE TRANSFER for the purchase
of the Diesel to the Sellers bank, after the SGS has been inspected or performed to the
buyer’s satisfaction, then the buyer will make payment via WIRE TRANSFER against the
commercial invoice within 24 hours.

buyer must have Vessels

Maryland, USA minus X USD for 50,000MT

The fuel is in NY terminal, please specify in which way you will be picking up from NY.

pipeline 50.000 MT up to 200.000 MT

Once signed by buyer, attorney will send all involved documents to sign and return. Please make ICPO to XXXXXX , product is a US product they will need to include their logistic information on how they will pick up from terminal in NY. I can help with Logistics if they need shipping or trucks.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
Cetane Number of 59.5 (ASTM D 613)
Cetane Number - 59.5 (ASTM D 613)
ASTM D 613 standard's minimum requirement is 43
Euro lV standard's minimum requirement is 51

Cetane Index - 57 (ASTM D 976)
ASTM D 976 standard's minimum requirement is 40
Euro IV standard's minimum requirement is 46

Sulphur Content - 2ppm (ASTM D 4294)
ASTM D 4294 minimum requirement is 15 ppm
Euro lV standard is set at 10 ppm

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