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Offer COAL NET Calorific Value 6500

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Offer COAL  NET   Calorific Value  6500   Empty Offer COAL NET Calorific Value 6500

Post  Admin Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:13 pm

Dear company

Offer  >

high-quality steam coal of brand "D"
The guaranteed caloric content under the contract NAR 6300 kcal, is gray 0,3%.
Very rare coal (very high caloric content, low sernost, moisture and ashes).
Consumers - combined heat and power plant and producers of the electric power.

The contact shall be come only with the END BUYER /  

Delivery only by the sea from the Baltic ports, railway it is a little interesting - on overland frontier. transitions
Mines lot - the vessel 10.000  MT
It is better to advance specific 3-4 brands of coal which, we precisely know, will it is very demanded in the rich countries (Germany, England, Denmark, Belgium, Norway) and also in the Czech Republic and Poland.



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