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45.000 USD upront to Bahrain

Thank you for your message and I am writing to introduce our company

XXXXXXXXXX  is a Bahrain shareholding Investment company
incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain in accordance with the Ministry of
Industry and Commerce, Kingdom of Bahrain, the Bahrain Investors Center
Law Companies, the Central Bank of Bahrain and under the authority of the
Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Bahrain relating to Finance

XXXXXXXXXXX  is based in Manama, Bahrain with a paid up capital
base of BHD 400 million. The company was incorporated in 2006 and has its
registered office at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

We are into project financing in long term capital intensive investments;
we focus on number of areas and sectors of the world economy in which we
have developed significant competitive advantage. XXXXXXXXXXXX
brings together and manages to Multi Billion dollar portfolio worth US 23
Billion of local, regional and international investments, which we wish to
re-invest through project funding as investment loan on a 4-5% interest
rate per annum on long term investment for project between 1MM to 700MM
USD size and for a duration of 1-15 years renewable term.

Our guaranteed, enormous and fast payout capital is accessible
specifically for expansion and start-up projects both short and long term
Project (s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication,
Construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate, Mining, Hospitality, business
development, business expansion and all kind of productive/lucrative
projects with a flexible loan repayment term. Our company does not have
any major area of interest or location to do business in.

I look forward to our continued communication to further discuss and
evaluate possible project development opportunities, we are expecting a
detailed business plan with executive summary for our review and

For proper identification enclose is my passport with our corporate

Thanks for responding to our mail.

Best regards

Chief Investment Officer

all info without commissions

for more  info  skype rudolfsindelar.aim.com  

email rudolfsindelar@aim.com

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