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Post  Admin on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:15 am

Dear company office  

looking for EN 590 50.000 MT CIF or FOB x 12 what will be available , buyer refinery

looking for AGO -- CIF 50.000 MT x 12  buyer refinery

looking for LNG  CIF  400.000 MT x 12   for R& E 12 years CIF CHINA  2  major buyer

from buyer  +++++++++++Terms:
Product: MAZUT M100 GOST - 10585/ 75 (sulfide 0.5max.)
Quantity: 50,000 MT per month for 12months.
Price: As will be agreed
Delivery: CIF huangdao Port, P.R. China
Inspection: SGS or similar at the loading port, with cost by the Seller.
CIQ at the discharge port, with cost by the Buyer.
Performance Bond: Performance bond 2 % SBLC/DLC Value
Payment Instruments: Non- transferable 100% SBLC/ MT700 as payment guarantee
Payment: MT103 within seven work days after CIQ at the
discharge port; Insurance:

B0  Buyer for JP 54 , JP A1 , TS1 ,GB 6537-94 , FOB , TTO , 500.000 up to 2 mil bbls  x12 months
FOB any not restricted
Sumary buyer   0222210

B 1  - i have buyer for LNG ,

B2- i have russia buyer JP A1 - from Dubai  5. Buyer after PPOP verification during 3-5 day issue non operative DLC by SWIFT MT700 and Seller issue 2% Performance Bond which activated DLC.

 After DLC by SWIFT MT 700 verification Seller start loading vessel.

      M100,GASOLINE, PET COKE, REBCO,base oil, kerosene,gas,Diesel Gas Oil, Jet Fuel ,NNPC,Dimethyl
ether,olefins,alcohols,Bitumens.heavy Cycle oil.Dry gas.Propane-propylene Fraction
(PPF) .Butane-butylene Fraction (BBF).Propane-butane Fraction (PBF).White spirit
specification with COA and contract, then we send another formal ICPO accordingly.

Crude oil   Seller send SPA , Both lodge the SPA  with their  bank  
Seller send MT 799 pre advice  to buyers bank  of the 2 % performance bond quarantee -non operative
Buyer bank send an MT 799 pre advice of an MT 700 NON OPERATIVE  

B4 buyer   CIF terms of RTM of JP-54, A1,VD6, and CIF China Mazut 100 -75

Thank you for offer and we concerning of real fuels and seller ready to lifting products as loading SHORE TANKS? And We need sellers Tanks received fuel in the tanks and Evidences of SGS or Injection report with Copy of Transneft Contract to Transport the Product to the Loading Port.
All of offers to upfront logistics and Tank extension or PCC of tank farm cost of payments is all the offers scammed of fee fraudulent.
We got this happened already…..
If seller to agreed and to issued the FULL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS (CIF) or PPOP with including TSR( or Reservoir Tank)/Q&Q by SGS SHORE Tanks Report or PRE-INJECTION REPORT/(TRANSNEFTE)PIPELINE CONTRACT W/ SCHEDULES with Origin or Straight DTA of Products for after signed CI or SPA with lodged bank each party's
we will follow the deals of SBLC or Payments to sellers bank or TSR/TSA for FOB  and CIF terms ofCPA+Vessel +PCC/Tanks informs to sellers
advise and also we don't issued the Pre-advice and POF upfront and Logistics information to requested..We need must to confirmed products then to follow seller’s terms.


A.      Ocean Bill of Lading made out “Clean on Board” marked “Freight Pre-Paid”

B.      Signed commercial invoice, vessel manifest (packing list)

C.       SGS quality and quantity certificates at loading and discharge port

D.      Certificate of Insurance with payment confirmation (110%)

E.       Certificate of origin

F.       Charter party agreement

G.      Tanker Ullage report at loading port with time log and Shipmaster report

H.      Tanks cleanliness or tanks inspection certificate

I.        Master receipt  of all set of documents of the shipped Goods (original)

J.         Master  receipt (origin) confirming receipt of arbitration bottles

K.      Cargo Manifest

L.       Time sheet and/or statement of facts

buyer B5

I am the buyer and I work with the seller title holder.
I am looking for Jet Fuel up to 10 mil. bbls (up to is: 1 mill. bbls are good, 2 mills bbls are well, 3 mills. bbls are great..…)
If you have real seller with real product, with first lift immediately available in Rotterdam,
send me an FCO with all the data and with these procedures:
1) Seller send FCO;
2) Buyer accept FCO and send ICPO;
3) Seller send CI and TSR (if there is fresh SGS is better), product IN ROTTERDAM;
4) Buyer sign and complete CI and send to seller;
5) Seller send DTA to Buyer;
6) Buyer do dip test and pay immediately via MT103 against documents and takes the product;
7) seller  will  pays commissions;
8 ) Seller and Buyer sign contract 12 months or more;
9) Buyer send DLC against PB2%;
10) contract begin.
If you have a seller that respect this procedure, please send FCO.

You have what I am looking for.
I am the owner tanks in Rotterdam, but I take the product only after the dip test in seller's tank in Rotterdam.
Now, if you have a real contact with a seller with product with first lift immediately available in Rotterdam,
you can send FCO from the seller or you can organize a call with the seller.

First: FCO and call
or directly CI, TSR, fresh SGS and the contract


from buyer  refinery
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXx hereby state and represent that it is our
intention to buy and we hereby confirm that we are willing and able to purchase the following
commodity with under mentioned terms and condition:
1.Commodity : Diesel (D2)
2.Country of origin :Any country
3.Quantity :100,000 MT
4.Contract terms :12 months
5.Discharged port :Port of get products (Latitude 31, Longitude 125)'00.9%22N+125%C2%B000'00.0%22E/@31.9113713,107.890845,4.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d31.000238!4d125.000008

6.Price :OPL seller price USD. per MT
7.Payment : Dip Test Pay 100% via TT/(MT103)
8.Inspection :discharge from ship to ship at loading port
Remark :Buyer/ seller agree on any third party appointed legal law firm in HK or
Singapore Both party agree on draft SPA by lawyer Both party placed 200k
USD pledge to lawyer firm as performance guarantee either in cash or
banker's guarantee from any legal banks in these two countries Shipment to

proceed as agree, if either party fail to fulfil SPA agreement terms due to
non delivery or non payment, the other party will take hold of the 200k from
lawyer Upon successful transaction, both party take back their 200k from
lawyer minus off lawyer fees



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