Vanadium oil derivatives Molybdenum

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Vanadium oil derivatives Molybdenum

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Vanadium oil derivatives

We are one of the biggest purchaser to those recyclable spent
catalyst(mainly contains the vanadium or vanadium pentoxide,
nickel . ) Every year we need to import nearly
tons of spent vanadium catalyst from petro-chem industry( huge oil
plants )
as well as the boiler ash/fly riched the vanadium, molybdenum ,nickel
huge power station/plants/utilities in the world. The spent material
and the
ash/fly we bought maily with V:7%min( V2O5:12%min),packed in 250kg of
drums or in the super bags, in 20' of contains or simply in bulk.

We will welcome you to contact us on the business .And we will
that you can quote us the best price based on CIF Dalian with all details including Payment terms and pictures if available we are serious and want to move quickly.

We buy and process those waste material from the oil refinery , we
them in our plant in China . Every year we need at least 50,000metric
of vanadium residue ( spent catalyst come from oil refinery and
boiler ash from power station in where , a kind of heavy oil as the
burnt there . we collect the ash which rich the vanadium .

2/ buyer for Molybdenum or

Spent Catalyst containing min. 10 % wt of V205 and min 4 wt % of MoO3

Quantity : All what is available

Packaging : 1 MT bag or Drum , containerozed

Dekivery Schedule : At once preferred

Mde of Payment : L/C or BG

Target price : in case of the Spent Catalyst containing 4 % of MoO3 and 15 % of V2O5


Destination Port :

Discharge Rate per day : min 2.000 MT per day

Inspection : SGS or CCIC at the loading port


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