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Post  Admin Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:00 pm

We hereby request your best prices.

Subject: Transformer

The standard transformers in use here is BSS171.
The specifications are 11000 volts or 11kv and 33000 volts or 33kv on hv voltage while the 1v is always 415 volts or 0.415kv.
It is oil cooled ONAN due to our tropical temperature. The vector group is Dyn11. The hv taps ranges from taps 1-5 or 1-6, but the nominal tap is always 3 both for the 11kv and 33kv.
Frequency is 50hz.
The transformer plates should be in English language as well as all manuals/hand books in the respect as such help much in the marketing.


100/11/0.415kva 100/33/0.415kva
160/11/0.415 “ 160/33/0.415 “
200/11/0.415 “ 200/33/0.415 “
250/11/0.415 “ 250/33/0.415 “
300/11/0.415 “ 300/33/0.415 “
400/11/0.415 “ 400/33/0.415kva
500/11/0.415 “ 500/33/0.415 “

We are interested in both the fairly used and new ones. Presently, the import of these, come from Europe and the Scandinavian Countries like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Demark, Holland etc.
Please confirm availability, prices and terms soonest, to enable an agreement for the 1st order to take off. Also the quantity per 20ft or 40ft container

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