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Buyer IRON ORE magnetite Hematite

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Buyer  IRON ORE  magnetite  Hematite Empty Buyer IRON ORE magnetite Hematite

Post  Admin Sat May 04, 2013 7:54 pm

Buyer : FOB or CIF

1) Iron Ore
magnetite not hematite !!
Fe 53% typical rejection level 50%
Al2O3 2% max.
S 0,05% max.
P 0,08% max.
Size: 0-10mm 90%min.
Quantity: 30.000mt per month

2) Hematite or magnetite
Fe63% typical, rejection level 60%
Al2O3 2,5% max.
S 0,2% max.
P 0,08% max.
Ti 0,2% max.
SiO2 6% max.
Size: 0-10mm 90% min.
Quantity: 10.000-20.000mt per month
Size requirement is just 0-10mm 90% min. with max 20% max.

deal FOB is possible , Seller must send 2 % PB
Buyer  IRON ORE  magnetite  Hematite 85857410



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