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Offer Crude oil from South America

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Offer Crude oil from South America   Empty Offer Crude oil from South America

Post  Admin Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:14 pm

Offer Crude oil from South America

Offer Crude oil from South America   792px-10

QQ : 2484844681 

Crude oil for sale , Available Crude oil from Refinery
# Sequence Number irs 163 ceo Prague 2013 December 12 2013 16 : 55 P.M ,

petrochemical, heavy, Crude oil light, petroleum, crude oil, extra light, Rebco

Available Crude oil

##private & confidental #

Dear company office , gentleman

we can offer crude oil ,

1/ buyer must be refinery

2/ buyer must fill application list from End Seller refinery

3/ buyer must sign IMFPA for commission

4/ delivery FOB maybe CIF all decision after application list ( unloading info , owner port , ..)

5/ Discount 0.00

we deeply appreciate your interest in establishing a commercial relationship with XXXXX. For your information, please find attached XXXX requirements for potential customers; however we would like to inform you that there are some very specific requirements that have to be met in order to attend any request of XXXXX Crude.

First of all, our commercial policy indicates that XXXXX crude is sold only and exclusively to end users (refineries), with no third-parties (brokers, trading houses, investment banks) involved. In addition, it is very important to remark that XXXX does not pay commissions.

Please submit requested information. We shall analyze it and if the information is satisfactory we proceed to discuss all Agreement terms.

ing. Sindelar

# Sequence Number irs 163 ceo


SKYPE or live:rudolfsindelar

QQ : 2484844681 ; MSN :

I hope you have a good day and successful Business

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