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Offer from China Octane Booster (MMT)

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Offer from China   Octane Booster (MMT)  Empty Offer from China Octane Booster (MMT)

Post  Admin Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:39 pm

Dear company office :  

Offer  :  additives

Octane Booster (MMT)
Mercaptan Scavenger

QQ : 2484844681
Skype  :   or live:rudolfsindelar

mercaptan scavenger removes mercaptan from hydrocarbon streams. specially designed to react with a various mercaptans and form heat-stable and oil-soluble products.

Mercaptan scavengers are an economical method to restoring desired mercaptan levels in crude oils, asphalt, residual fuels and refined fuels.

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