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Purchase truck storage tank for water 2200 gallons

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Purchase  truck storage tank for water   2200 gallons    Empty Purchase truck storage tank for water 2200 gallons

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Dear company Office

i have buyer - Purchase

Ref Water truck tanks

148.000 EUR CIP South America price for you ,

- Comply with the directives of Euro 3 and Tier 3 emissions.
- Comply with the regulations issued by the Ministry of
Environment on emissions of carbon monoxide (CO),
Hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

- The provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
that may apply.

The team consists of a chassis with diesel internal combustion engine, appropriate to
for transport of water, an elliptical stainless steel tank with capacity
2200 gallons, a centrifugal pump 150 psi @ 400-500 gpm. The chassis must have
load capacity 2200 gallons of water, weight of the tank, pump and
accessories. The minimum specifications are summarized below:
Gross Vehicle Weight: 15,800 kg
Pump capacity: 400-500 gpm @ 150 psi.

Engine: Diesel, water cooled, turbocharged, complying with directives
emission Euro 3. The engine must be appropriate for work with features
Diesel fuel XXXXXX . Must have an auxiliary cooling system
Download-suction closed circuit fed by the water pump when in
Minimum Power: 215 HP
Minimum Torque: 560 Lb.Ft
Maximum Torque Regime: 1200-1400 rpm.
Displacement: Up to 6.5 L
Aspiration: Turbo post-cooling
Engine Brake: Brake Assistant Escape
Diesel Fuel.
Box of speeds: Mechanics
Address: Hydraulics.
Brakes: air.


Parking brake: Spring
5,443 kg / 12,000 lbs: front axle.
Rear Axle: 10,432 kg / 23,000 lbs.
Front suspension: Ballestas
Rear Suspension: Ballestas
Tires: 11R 22.5
Security: Daylight, electric mirrors with defrost, belts System
3-point retractable seat, scouts, air brakes.
Booth: Conventional, safety glass with safety film at all
glasses, individually controlled air conditioning, escualizable and collapsible steering, glasses
electric mirrors, air chair with adjustable height positions and
lateral displacement for the driver, headrests on the seats, gauges
air pressure, tachometer, speedometer with odometer, voltmeter, level meter
fuel gauge, engine temperature, oil pressure indicator of
engine, witnesses or high temperature alarms engine, low oil pressure, low
air pressure, low electrical generation, and others offered by the manufacturer, radio
MP3, backup alarm, electric wipers, variable speed internal light
cockpit switches running lights, emergency lights, witness
pump coupling, amplifier and controls the electronic siren
Speaker recessed bómper, tire mounting cabin and others offered
by the manufacturer.
3.1.4 PUMP
You must have a centrifugal pump Brand HALE one stage, with capacity of 400-
500 gpm @ 150 psi, driven by the drive system of the truck. The pump should
be installed to the truck or intermediate gimbal assembly. The suction should be 5 "
All threads should be NHST. The suction fitting and should be victaulic
have a pump priming positive displacement vane type driven
by an electric motor 12V adjustable relief valve and must meet the
requirements of NFPA Standard 1901. The housing must be Cast Iron and impeller
bronze with wear rings. Must have the ability to suck up to 10
feet below the pump suction and meet the requirements of the
NFPA 1901.
The fire pump system must have a relief valve
manual operation for operator protection.
He must install a booster pump to generate vacuum.


The truck must have witnessed coupling and pump operation within the
cab and on the operation panel on the pump. Additionally the truck must
have installed two discharges in 2.5 "ball valves Stainless Trim 150
psig each NHST male threaded connectors, one on each side of the vehicle.
In addition to these two discharges the vehicle must have a monitor to download
water of 2.5 inches with an automatic nozzle, the monitor must be mounted
on top of the pump module fire.
The suction pump must be connected to the water tank through pipe
stainless steel ball valve stainless trim the diameter required by the
pump and return pipe to the tank with their respective ball valve trim
Stainless. The pipes must be SCH 40 and valves for 150 psig with couplings
The fire pump system must have a main suction line
the pump flow and the provisions of NFPA 1901.
It should install an auxiliary suction inlet or 2.5 inches in the panel
left control.
The entire system must have drain valves.
You must install additional heat exchanger to help dissipate heat
when the vehicle is working with the fire pump gear. PANEL OPERATION OF THE PUMP
On the outside of the pump compartment should have a
control panel manufactured in stainless steel sheet:
 Motor rpm tachometer.
 Oil Pressure Gauge with visual signal.
Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge  with visual signal.
 Two (2) teachers gauges Ø 4½ "cover filled with glycerin
(Suction and Discharge).
 One (1) level to the water tank.
 One (1) micrometer throttle to control the pump motor.
 Two (2) lights to illuminate the panel to 12 VDC.
 Command suction valves.


 Control Pump Priming
 Command Relief Valves.
 Command Tank Filling valves.
 Command valve hose reel.
 Command Pressure Relief Valve.
 Control Heat Exchanger.
 major gauges Lines Download 1½ "Ø.
 Drainage Master Control.
The tank with capacity for 2200 gallons of elliptic type to be built in
A-304 stainless steel foil of 3 mm at the bottom and 1/8 "in Part
superior, magazines communicated internally and breakwaters baffles
longitudinal. Minimum must have three compartments (separated by two speakers
transverse) and a breakwater baffle or longitudinal division.
The tank must be connected by stainless steel pipe Schedule 40
and type ball valve with pump suction and have a return line
the tank with its respective ball valve.
Additionally, in the back must have a female thread connection in NH
Stainless Steel 6 "butterfly valve or ball between the tank and the
requested connection. The tank should have one manhole per compartment.
The tank must be on top of a tray with two lifelines with
their respective duly certified and resistance tensors 5000 lbs.
Additionally should be installed along the tank, on the side where
install pump two gutters hose pump suction. Must
arranged in a staircase to the pan.
You must install two compartments with roller shutter door, two in the
Right side under the tank, one large front wheel located
rear and one in the back of the rear wheels, constructed in sheets
3 mm aluminum duly supported for accessories, with
measuring approximately 80 cm long, 55 cm wide and 60 cm high
free space, one divided into two sections: one above and one below, the
other undivided, this law on the side.
You must install two compartments with roller shutter door, two in the
Left side under the tank, one large front wheel located
rear and one in the back of the rear wheels, constructed in sheets


3 mm aluminum duly supported for accessories, with
measuring approximately 80 cm long, 55 cm wide and 60 cm high
free space, one divided into two sections: one above and one below, the
other undivided this in the Left side.
Cabinets shall have independent lighting system that will light
automatically when opening the respective door.
 rim to rim 11R 22.5 parts for the truck.
 bar type LED emergency lights on top of the cab. This
must have a control rod for operation within the cabin
 Electronic Siren latest generation of three sounds at least 100 watts,
with selectable sounds and voice. This mermaid must control for
operation within the cabin and have a microphone for voice.
 Speaker recessed bómper for the siren sounds and voice.
 red and white strobe lights on all four sides of the vehicle,
up and down, synchronized to work alternately.
 Two teams with self-contained air or SCBA that meets the requirements
2007 edition of NFPA 1981.
 Rescue Team consisting of two body harnesses for use in rescue,
A waist harness to rescue two static ropes 50 meters, a
dynamic rope 50 meters, four strings mooring or securing a
basket type stretcher six carabiners, type two eight descendedores two
descendedores type ears eight four ascenders, two knives or
knives, three pairs of work gloves with ropes, three hulls with
built-in flashlight, two rings or lifebuoys, two bags rescue type
 4 large cones.
 1 Camilla fiber harnesses, straps and immobilizer.
 Two reflectors Night Breaker 120 AC 500W halogen mounted on tripod
Extenda-POD extensible type for mounting to the rear of the tank.
 A portable emergency power plant 120 AC 2800W with weight
up to 64 lbs and maximum dimensions of 19 "L x 15.5" W x 16.75 "H.
 Road Kit according to the provisions of Article 30 of Act 769 of
The first aid kit should contain minimum the following:
- Four malleable arm and leg restraints
- A cervical immobilizer multitalla adult
- Six triangular bandages

Four packs
- Four packages of gauze
- Three elastic bandages five by four inches
- Four disposable gloves medium and large sizes
- A pocket face mask RCCP (resuscitation
- A large roll of cloth tape
- Scissors
The truck supplied shall be represented in Colombia and likewise have
workshops for maintenance and service in the country. This applies to their
components such as engine and transmission.
The pump must also have representatives in the country and have workshops
Maintenance and service authorized by the manufacturer of the pump from
3.1.8 TESTS
The truck and pump shall be tested at the supplier's premises to
operating conditions required by the Regional Management Catatumbo
Orinoco Ecopetrol SA The bidder is obliged to deliver the report
pump efficiency obtained in the tests. These tests should be done
According to the provisions of NFPA 1901 standard and capacity of the tank.
Date test 
 Maximum Operating Speed
 Suction with positive and negative pressure
 Letter tank gauging
 Hydrostatic testing tank and pipes
 Rat fuel
 Observations and corrective actions taken at the factory
 Factory Warranty
The SUPPLIER shall submit its proposal the general specifications and
detail, including an assembly plan, which indicates the dimensions, equipment and
installed components.

The truck must be protected with high quality paint green (RAL 616)
Turkish vehicle manufacturer, suitable for this type of application and conditions
operating in the open. In the cockpit doors both conductor,
passenger and operator must be placed the logo of Ecopetrol in its L-1 version (see
Corporate Identity Manual), color polychrome, obtained printing and
digital cut on adhesive vinyl high strength, especially for this purpose. The brand
must be located on each side doors, in proportional size
these. The tank, being of stainless steel does not take paint. And pump piping
You must have signage with NFPA diamond, concerning water load
Identifiers signs the instrument panel will be in Spanish as well
as all the caution signs and emergency.
At least two manuals, maintenance and catalogs are required
parts and will be delivered in Spanish language version in hard copy and digital file.
The offer must include the provision of Maintenance Kits (parts and
consumables) required to perform maintenance activities
Preventive according to the manufacturer's recommendations for the first year of
use (tasks and frequency) for both the truck and to the pump.
With the equipment purchase two (2) copies of the following must be provided
Information for operation and maintenance:
 parts catalog and technical specifications of the truck (two hard copies and
electronic means).
 parts catalog and technical specifications of the pump (two hard copies and
electronic means).
 Diagrams electrical wiring and protection.
 Operating Manual. (Two hard copies and one digital)

all document in Spain

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