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We are currently working on different assets:

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We are currently working on   different assets: Empty We are currently working on different assets:

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We are currently working on different assets:

A premier anthracite coal property located in Pennsylvania: 497,823,685 tons of total reserves, 258,476,117 tons recoverable, 14,400 BTU, Ash 2-8%, Sulfur Less Than 1%, Moisture 1.26 percent, Strip ratio approximately 5x, 2035 acres, seams include: Buck Mountain, Mammoth, Orchard, Diamond, Holmes and others; Annual Contract for 600,000 tons at $90 per ton or $54 million, additional production up to 2 million tons per year potential with contracts at $150 per ton based on some additional off take agreements and wash plant buildout. Royalty of $4 per ton. Price $60 million for 100% or $36 million for 50%. Full engineering and lab report available upon execution of a non-circumvention agreement.

A gold mining asset in Denver, Colorado: Based on historical engineering, geological review of USGS publications, company reports estimates 1,500,000 ounces of inferred underground gold resources in high grade vein type ores on the 300 acre Stanley mine property. At $1,600 per ounce, the gold alone in the Stanley have a market value of $2.4B. That estimate only includes the gold. Also documented are wide veins of silver and significant deposits of lead, zinc and copper. Approximately 500,000 tons of low grade gold ore in mine dumps. These dumps have been sampled and average approximately 0.35 ounces of gold per ton and about 6.35 ounces of silver per ton. This produces an indicated reserve of up to $350M USD.

An oil and gas asset in the Rocky Mountains: spanning 81,667 net acres and 572 wells (only about 50 wells currently in production), is located in the Rocky Mountain region and Bakken three fork formation. There are 193 million barrels of recoverable Oil, 23 trillion cubic feet of recoverable Natural Gas. Production can be ramped from 3 thousand barrels of production per day to 6 thousand barrels of production per day. Option to buy out the entire property for about $1Billion. Conservative comparables project that in 18months this property will be worth $5-$6 billion.

An iron ore and copper asset in Central America: Iron ore reserves on this property equal 623 million tons, with 900 million tons of copper and additional reserves of gold, silver and other minerals. The property is 89 expandable to 148 square kilometers in size, with three separate outcroppings each estimated at 200 million metric tons each, totaling 623 million tons in reserves. These reserves have been estimated to be valued conservatively at $38 billion based upon an iron ore price of $63.50 per ton. Contracts have been executed as high as $126 per ton. Iron(FE) purity(pureza) ranges from 51% up to 91% with processed ores in the 83% range. Silver has been reported up to 60 GPT and gold up to 1 GPT. Concessions have been granted under a 20 year lease with a renewable provision of 40 additional years of production. There are substantial reserves of copper, gold, silver, gypsum and other mineral segmented within and below the iron oxide reserves. Assays for these other minerals are also contained in our report. Oil and gas reserves are also covered under the concessionary agreement. Shipments would be available from a large port facility on the Atlantic coast known as Port Cortez and on the Pacific coast at San Lorenzo. Our comprehensive 60 plus page report with extensive assays of all contained minerals and maps and certifications by government officials and other geologists will be provided to all parties who execute non-circumvention agreements.

We are currently working on   different assets: Thank_19

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