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Offer -- BLCO FOB

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Offer  -- BLCO FOB   Empty Offer -- BLCO FOB

Post  Admin Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:30 pm

Dear company


Dear Partner/Buyer,
Please Note:

1. We will load Buyer's vessel with full cargo instrument or with only $1m IBPU/BF issued by a Nigerian Bank.

2. Buyer's vessel is better than NNPC vessel, it gives Buyer control, transparency, confidence and assurance they need.

3. They must have on-board inspectors to perform Q/Q immediately after loading. They must pay upon loading at the terminal.

4. We will pay for inward clearance and outward clearance of Buyer's vessel. We will also pay for navy escort of Buyer's vessel

5. Please note: if Buyer chooses to place IBPU for $1m for the trial shipment, they must issue full cargo instrument for contract later.

6. This is a limited time offer valid for only 30 days. This offer expires.......

7. Take advantage of the offer and make a good deal.

This is a more comfortable deal than CIF and TTO.

Attached Full Procedure for your confirmation.

Price Discount is  



3.1. Seller issue SPA for Buyer Sign &Seal the Contract and Exchange the Signed Copy by Electronic Mail. The Electronic Signed Copy By Both Parties Is Considered Legally Binding.

3.2. Buyer send his full valid vessel details with CPA/Q88/RECEIPT OF CHARTER/INVOICE AND ATL – AUTHORITY TO LOAD to: NNPC Thru Seller /Bonny Terminal, XXXXXXXXXXX

3.3. TRIAL: Buyer issue (buyer’s choice) valid IBPU/IBPO/SBLC/BF (negotiable amount) to Seller nominated Bank upon which the Seller’s Bank issue 2% cash backed performance bond to the Buyer after successful verification of Buyer’s instrument.

3.4. Upon confirmation of the above Seller issue Clearance and call Buyer’s vessel to the terminal for loading.

3.5. Buyer’s vessel enters into the terminal and Seller loads the vessel.

3.6. Buyer’s on-board inspectors conducts Q and Q and release report to both parties while Seller issue Commercial Invoice.

3.7. Seller issue cargo documents in the Buyer’s name to Buyer and his Bank for the final payment.

3.8. Buyer release Full payment by swift wire transfer to Seller nominated account and while Seller pays all the agents per accounts details on the contract.

3.9. Seller upon successful payment confirmation, releases the Buyer’s vessel to sail to Buyers’ port of discharge.

3.10. CONTRACT: Buyer issue SBLC for full cargo while Seller issue 2% cash-backed performance bond and make subsequent monthly shipments to the Buyer upon receipt of Buyer’s vessel. Seller reserves the right to load any of Buyer’s vessels from floating storage or loaded vessel or FPSO or loading terminal



Seller side is closed.



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