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Buyer JP 54 and D2 Rotterdam

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Buyer JP 54 and D2 Rotterdam   Empty Buyer JP 54 and D2 Rotterdam

Post  Admin Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:15 am

Dear company office  

from buyer Rotterdam deal +++

Arrow I am the buyer and I work with the seller title holder.
I am looking for Jet Fuel up to 10 mil. bbls (up to is: 1 mill. bbls are good, 2 mills bbls are well, 3 mills. bbls are great..…) and D2 up to 1 mil. M/T per month, ONLY WITH FIRST LIFT IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE IN ROTTERDAM.
If you have real seller with real product, with first lift immediately available in Rotterdam, send me an FCO with all the data and with these procedures:
Arrow 1) Seller send FCO;
Arrow 2) Buyer accept FCO and send ICPO;
Arrow 3) Seller send CI and TSR (if there is fresh SGS is better), product IN ROTTERDAM;
Arrow 4) Buyer sign and complete CI and send to seller;
Arrow 5) Seller send DTA to Buyer;
Arrow 6) Buyer do dip test and pay immediately via MT103 against documents and takes the product;
Arrow 7) Seller  pays commissions;
Arrow 8  )Seller and Buyer sign contract 12 months or more;
Arrow 9) Buyer send DLC against PB2%;
Arrow 10) contract begin.
If you have a seller that respect this procedure, please send FCO.


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