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Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Turkey10


1. A new rail of 800,000 MT.
2. Second-hand rail 300,000 MT
3. Drilling pipe 75,000 MT
4. Wheel sets 200,000 MT
5. Automatic coupling of 5000 MT
6. Side frame 15,000 MT
7. A nadressorny beam of 25000 MT
8. Wheels of solid rolling 100,000 MT
9. Pipe water supply 80,000 MT
1. Рельса новая 800 000 тонн.
2. Рельса б/у 300 000 тонн.
3. Труба буровая 75000 тонн.
4. Колёсные пары 200 000 тонн.
5. Автосцепка 5000 тонн
6. Рама боковая 15000 тонн.
7. Надрессорная балка 25000 тонн.
8. Диски цельнокат 100 000 тонн.
9. Труба водопровод 80 000 тонн.
1. Un nuevo riel de 800,000 000 toneladas.
2. Carril de segunda mano 300,000 000 toneladas.
3. Tubería de perforación de 75,000 000 toneladas.
4. La rueda fija 200,000 000 toneladas.
5. Acoplamiento automático de 5000 000 toneladas
6. Marco lateral de 15,000 toneladas.
7. Una viga nadressornyy de 25000 000toneladas.
8. Ruedas de laminación sólida de 100.000 000 toneladas.
9. Tubería de suministro de agua 80,000 000toneladas.

С уважением,

Во вложении письмо и фото товара.

1. The cost of the rail used - FOB port Novorossiysk 267$
2. High strength steel pipe cost  FOB port Novorossiysk 267$
3. Scrap railway high strength steel FOB port Novorossiysk 277$
4. Rail rail new FOB port Novorossiysk 290$
1. El costo del ferrocarril utilizado - FOB puerto Novorossiysk 267 $
2. Tubo de acero de alta resistencia costo FOB puerto Novorossiysk 267 $
3. Chatarra de acero de alta resistencia FOB puerto Novorossiysk 277 $
4. Rail rail nuevo puerto FOB Novorossiysk 290 $

Прежде чем далее начать продолжать работу по поставкам металлома от вашей компании требуется:
- Предоставить полную карту партнера
- Наименование банка который будет готов выставить Аккредетив SBLC MT 760.
- Предоставить форму аккредетива от банка заказчика.
- Предоставить свою платежеспособность заверенную банком на заявленный объема металла.

Только после предоставления этих документов можно продолжать сотрудничество.
Before you continue to work on the supply of metal from your company is required:
- To provide a complete map of the partner
- Name of the Bank that will be ready to issue a letter of Credit SBLC MT 760.
- Provide a letter of credit form from the customer's Bank.    
- To provide the solvency certified by Bank on the declared volume of metal.

Only after the submission of these documents can continue cooperation.

Antes de comenzar a trabajar en el suministro de chatarra, su empresa debe:
- Proporcione una tarjeta de socio completa
- Nombre del banco que estará listo para emitir la acreditación SBLC MT 760.
- Proporcione un formulario de carta de crédito del banco del cliente.
- Proporcione su solvencia certificada por el banco para el volumen de metal declarado.

Solo después de la presentación de estos documentos puede continuar la cooperación.


Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2032

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2034

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2033

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2036

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2037

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2035

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2039

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2038

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2040

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2042

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Detail Offer

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2041

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Img-2043

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  _310

Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  _ao_a10

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offer delivery FOB ports
Novorossiysk , black metall 1500 мм – 3000 мм volume 300 000 tons.
Сost of together with transportation, loading, registration of transport documents and customs
Declaration will be 267 us $ per 1 ton.
Form of payment: Calculations are made after the signing of this contract for 100% irrevocable
stand-by covered letter of credit (SBLS) MT 760, form SBLC agreed and secured separately
(Annex № 1), to this Contract. Send MT760 SBLC, filled in form RWA (Appendix 2) must be no
later than 3 (Three) days after signing of this Contract, the validity of the SBLC MT760 for one
(1) year and one (1) day.
Disclosure of the letter of credit is 100% FOB ports Novorossiysk, when receiving the goods by the
Buyer and providing the Seller facsimile copies by E-mail transport documents and customs
Declaration for each consignment delivered.
Scrap 3A — unsuitable for use of ferrous metal products. Characteristics of the category are
determined by GOST 2787-75. This is a valuable raw material with the possibility of re-melting
for the production of rolled metal. Acceptance of scrap 3A is carried out in special points.
Characteristics of scrap 3A
According to GOST, there are several dozen categories of scrap metal, each of them has its own
admission prices. Group 3A includes scrap with characteristics for individual pieces (inclusion of
non-ferrous metals are not allowed):
Dimensions to 800х500х500 mm.
Weight 2-600 kg
Material: carbon steel.
Wall thickness more than 6 mm.
Pipes with a diameter of 200 mm are cut or flattened.
Dimensions are standardized to facilitate:
transportation to the place of processing in open wagons;
loading into the melting furnace.
GOST also prescribes separate requirements for scrap metal category 3A.
The pieces should not have significant pockets of corrosion on the surface (unacceptable
detachment of rust under mechanical action), traces of reaction to chemically active substances,
high temperatures.
Total amount cargo 400.000 m/tons and Ship batch of 25,000 tons. Port of Novorossiysk.
The buyer will send us with signature and seal,the full corporate offers after sendig and
subsequent draft contract you have requested surveillance report and property tonnage will be
In case of Your interest, we ask to give the letter on readiness of acceptance of production
in port. Ready to send the draft contract.

Предлгаем рельсы железнодорожные: тип Р-65, длинна- 25м. ГОСТ Р51685-2013, количество 1 500 000 тонн, рельсы находятся на складах

We offer railway rails: type R-65, length 25m. GOST R51685-2013, the amount of 1,500,000 tons, the rails are in the warehouses   on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Ofrecemos rieles ferroviarios: tipo R-65, longitud 25m. GOST R51685-2013, la cantidad de 1,500,000 toneladas, los rieles se encuentran en los almacenes en el territorio de la Federación de Rusia.

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Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  Crypho10


Offer  USED RAILS  , USED NEW  ,  44444410

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