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Bullet trade and 40 weeks trade

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Bullet trade and 40 weeks trade  Empty Bullet trade and 40 weeks trade

Post  Admin Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:15 pm

We have off ledger funds in UBS Switzerland and Deutsch Bank Germany and we want to put the funds to trade.
Please can you get me any trade platform for off ledger funds?


It is possible to make use of an account on the 'inter bank screens' once I see a copy of the black screen .

This is an exceptional opportunity for off ledger funds at Deutsche bank, other banks may also be acceptable, the parties involved, and the bank where the funds will be deposited once changed from off ledger to on ledger will be reflected in the agreement.

The procedure, in summary, is as follows:

1.- Account holder provides attached CIS and BCL along with a fresh Black Screen not an old, failed try showing the company, signatory, their passport, issue, and expiry dates.

2.- Once the required documents are received DD is done by the BIS and ECB conjugation with the Deutsche Bundesbank bank and Deutsche bank.

3.- Once DD is passed contracts are issued, funds are moved into the on ledger account in Deutsche Bank, Taxes and bank fees are paid.

4.- Depending on the amounts moved we do a Bullet trade and 40 weeks trade after moving the funds into the new account under the original signatories’ sole control.

To confirm if a bank is acceptable please confirm that you can present the required documentation to go ahead.

I´m available if you have any questions.

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