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Offer EN590 PPM10 with bio diesel 7% and REACH Certificate

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Offer EN590 PPM10 with bio diesel 7% and REACH Certificate Empty Offer EN590 PPM10 with bio diesel 7% and REACH Certificate

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EN590 PPM10 with bio diesel 7% and REACH Certificate

EN590 PPM10 with bio diesel 7% and REACH Certificate
Trial Order: 50.000MT DIP & PAY IN SELLER TANK
Contract: 200.000 MT/ month for 12 months (after receipt of Trial shipment)

Origin: Russia
Payment: DLC/SBLC, MT103/TT
Terms: FOB Rotterdam
Inspection: SGS/CIQ
P - Bond: 2%

1. Seller or Representatives issues SCO.
2 Buyer issues ICPO with Company Profile & banking details and Passport Copy.
3. Seller issues commercial invoice, Buyer signs and return commercial invoice within 48hrs upon which
Seller issues NCNDA/IMFPA to Buyer
4. Seller issues to Buyer via email:
• Statement of product availability
• Refinery Confirmation Letter to supply the Product (s)
• Q&Q Product Passport
• Product certificate of origin
• Company certificate of incorporation and tax Registration
• Tank Storage Receipt with Barcodes (TSR) & GPS Coordinates.
* Tank Farm Contact Name and Telephone Numbers
5. Buyer verifies and approves the Tank Storage information and the amount available for immediate
lifting from the Tank Farm Company.
6. Buyer issues the name of the SGS Company and Persons that will do the inspection and conduct their
Dip-Test along with their valid Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) which will be in Buyers name, for Sellers
verification and approval
7. Buyer will be given Dip-Test Authorization (DTA) with the Complete Control Towers information, for
the Buyer inspection Team to conduct their Dip-Test in Sellers Tank, Upon Successful Q&Q Dip Test on
the product SGS issue their full inspection report certificate to Buyer.
8. Seller issues their final commercial invoice (CI), based upon the final inspection and confirmation for
Buyer to make the payment for the Total Value of the Product Injected into the Tanks through the means
of MT103-TT. Seller provides all the necessary export documentations to buyer and seller changes the
ownership title to buyer company name Buyer commences lifting of the product with its Vessel Tanker.
9. Seller releases payment to all intermediaries involved in the transaction, and subsequently monthly
shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase agreement contract between
buyer and seller.



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