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OFFER DIESEL  en  590 10 PPM   Empty OFFER DIESEL en 590 10 PPM

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Seller: *«Caspian Oil and Gas FZE» *
Attn.: Mr. Ragimov Firus (Export Manager)

EN590 10 ppm (Azerbaijan origin): $600 Gross/$590 Net per MT CIF ASWP

Quantity: min 30,000 MT up to 100,000 MT per month x 12 months

1. Buyer issues LOI/ICPO & Bank Comfort Letter (BCL).

2. Seller issues the Draft Contract. Buyer and Seller sign the Contract in electronic signatures.

3. Within 24 Hours of signing the Contract, it must be lodged into respective bank by both parties.

4. Buyer will issue SBLC or DLC (MT700) to Seller's bank account. Seller will respond with 2% Performance Bond.  

5. Seller commences loading of the vessel during the approved laycan window. Upon completion of loading, Seller arranges the SGS Inspection for determination of quantity and quality of loaded product, and sends copies of  shipping documents to Buyer.

6. Vessel will sail to buyer discharge port, upon vessel arrival to discharge port, the SGS inspection report, within 48 (FortyEight) hours, Buyer makes T/T payment of the full value of the product according to the issued invoice (reflecting quantity of post-load SGS report).

7. Upon receiving Buyer's payment, the Seller transfers Product Title Ownership to Buyer, and releases all shipping documents to the Buyer.  

8. Second and succeeding monthly deliveries are carried out on CIF basis, and Buyer issues SBLC MT760 or DLC (MT700) to Seller’s Bank to cover the full amount of each month's delivery.

PS: financial instrument to be issued or confirmed by Top 100 prime bank

OFFER DIESEL  en  590 10 PPM


Legal office: 1B, Microdistrict Kok-Tobe, Medeu district,
Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic

Attn.: Mr. Sultangazinov A Balkenovich (General Director)

Bitumen Grade 60/70 & 80/100 (Kazakhstan origin): $ 580 Gross/$570 Net per MT CIF ASWP
Trial: 100,000 MT
Monthly: 200,000 MT

1. Buyer issues ICPO with this procedure incorporated on the ICPO along with Buyer’s

2. Seller Issues Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA), and ICC warning letter Buyer review, amend (if necessary), signs and return the SPA in WORD format to Seller within 3 banking days. Seller sends final SPA to Buyer in PDF format; Buyer confirms final SPA and issues letter of acceptance of the final SPA.

3. Seller issues to Buyer via email the following transaction documents:
A. Commitment to Supply;
B. Statement of Product Availability;
C. Certificate of Origin;
D. Product Passport.

4. Buyer confirms the receipt of the documents by mail and issues confirmation letter within 24hrs.

5. Seller makes arrangement for the chartered freight with a renowned shipping company for the transportation of the product to buyer designated discharge port, both Seller and Buyer sign the Charter Party Agreement (CPA) together with the shipping company (A three party CPA) this is applicable only for 1st shipment (Seller & Buyer). pays CPA cost 50/50 via T/T wire transfer directly to the shipping company. Fee would later be refunded/ deducted when Buyer is paying for the total product cost).

6. After completion of the above, Seller issues to Buyer Product Title Transfer Agreement, Buyer signs and returns. Seller legalizes the jointly Contract with the authorities in charge and sends to buyer the legalized Contract, the Certificate of Product Title Transfer and then proceeds with the port & custom clearance of product and all internal routines operations accordingly.

7. Upon completion of the above and confirmation of this export approval by the Authority to Seller with the endorsement of the Charter Party Agreement (CPA) and the Shipping Schedule by the Port Authority, to enable Seller release the below Proof of Product Documents:
~ Legalized Charter Party Agreement (CPA) with the Loading Port Authority;
~ Injection Report;
~ Product Allocation Certificate;
~ Allocation Title Transfer Certificate;
~ Export License;
~ Export Approval;
~ Tank Receipt;
~ Dip Test Authorization.

8. Seller issues the Commercial Invoice and sends to Buyer and within 5 working days, Buyer’s bank issues to Seller’s bank swift operative Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) via Swift MT760, for the entire 1st shipment total product value, and for Seller to lodge and activate a 2% PB (Performance Bond/Performance Guarantee) in the favor of the Buyer. If Seller fails to supply the cargo shipment of the product to the Buyer this 2% Performance Bond will be paid/forfeited to the Buyer

9. The product SGS inspection charges will be borne by Seller at the loading port. Seller invites buyer for visitation to witness the final inspection and TTM for negotiation of future transaction (Optional to Buyer). Seller signs NCNDA/IMFPA between all intermediaries involved with the notarized copy sent to Seller's bank.

10. Loading & Shipment of product commences as per schedule. Upon Vessel’s arrival and finalization of SGS at destination port, Buyer release payment via swift fund transfer within 3 to 5 banking days to Seller for total shipment value after discharge of product at destination port and receipt of the entire relevant shipping and export documents. Seller within 48 hours pays the intermediaries involved according to signed & notarized IMFPA.

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