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Offer gas pipelines and oil pipelines

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Offer   gas pipelines and oil pipelines   Empty Offer gas pipelines and oil pipelines

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Offer   gas pipelines and oil pipelines  

Spa is a company of IMETAL steel industries group,
 leader in the manufacture and marketing of steel tubes welded helical primarily
directed to
Hydrocarbon transport sector (gas pipelines and oil pipelines)
 Hydraulic transport sector
 Construction Sector

specialized in the manufacture of steel tubes up to X80 grade, helically
welded according to API 5L / latest edition and the requirements of SONATRACH
Oil Company.
The production range of tubes ranging from ø 16 '' up to 80 '' and thickness from 6
to 25.4mm, externally coated with polyethylene tri-layers and internally epoxy gas
or food.
successfully expanded its range of exterior cladding services for ø 10 ''
and 12 '' tubes.
we can produce up to three hundred thousand tons (300,000 Tn) of steel

Pipeline  +++

SH/TRC(67Km) – GEM2(121Km) – MEDGAZ Mokta Douze(51Km) – LoopingGEM
Phase 2 (130KM) – GK3 (490Km) – GR4 (234Km) – DLR1(298Km) – RGZ3 (103Km)
– GR5 (786Km) – RGZ3 (125Km) – RGG1 (217 Km) – PIPELINES Tamanrasset
(400Km) – GR6 ( 539Km) – GR7 (339KM

Tafna (93KM) – Hydro Aménagement (74KM) – ANB Alger (23KM) – Cosider
Canalisation (60KM) – Cosider Travaux Public (17KM) – SNC Lavalin (20KM) –
PER Condotte d’Aqua (8KM)

production units are API Q1, API 5L Last edition and ISO 9001
certified, the two mechanical testing laboratories are in the final phase of
accreditation according to ISO 17025/2005

In financial terms, we are  currently one of the largest industrial Group
companies IMETAL a turnover through fifteen Billion Dinars annually.
Our company  has drawn a goal to guide the efforts of all these collectives to penetrate
and position themselves in the international market while keeping the quality and
availability required by customers.



Offer   gas pipelines and oil pipelines   Pipest10

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