Dear company

Offer  +++

Subject: KWD for EUR from our investor.
The undersigned  XXXXXXXx , holder of  XXXXX  Passport N°  XXXXXX  issued on  XXXXXXXXXX , with expiration on  XXXXXXX , as CEO of the company  XXXXXXXX Investment  XXXXXX , is in the availability of a sum represented by KWD (Kuwait dinars) banknotes in 2.000
dinars cut, for a total nominal value of more than KWD 12B (twelve billion of Kuwait dinars) plus rolls
and extensions, supplied by an investor interested in funding our Madagascar Project, provided that the
aforementioned banknotes will be properly exchanged with expendable EUR currency.
With full authority and responsibility, under penalty of perjury, here I declare to have the aforementioned sum free of any constraints and impediments.
For this purpose, the undersigned confirms and declares:

1) that the said asset is represented by banknotes with the cutting of 2.000 KWD (New Kuwait Dinars) kept in the name of our Client at a security house in Geneva and Zurich, for a total amount of 12B and 2M KWD.

2) Our Client used the said asset to secure some loans, necessary to keep in life their commercial
activities. Hence, the exchange procedure must observe the timing in the following ideal schedule:
A. First tranche: KWD 2M. This first tranche must be paid 50% with cash and 50% on bank account.
B. Second tranche: KWD 2B. Paid 100% on bank account, not before 1 week after the
conclusion of the first tranche.
C. Third tranche: KWD 4B. Paid 100% on bank account, not before 2 weeks after the
conclusion of the second tranche.
D. Fourth tranche: KWD 6B. Paid 100% on bank account, not before 2 weeks after the
conclusion of the second tranche.
3) This agreement remains valid, irrevocably, even for subsequent operations. The parties in fact agree, under penalty of warning, that any transactions managed through third

parties without each other consent will result in the recognition of expenses and
commissions in this document shared, agreed and accepted.
4) The owner of the money (our investor) declared that all banknotes are of clear and noncriminal origin, obtained from legitimate financial and commercial activities and they are ready to grant the currency indicated above to the credit institution indicated.
The expected conditions for exchanging the asset above, are the following: the official rate of the day for the KWD/EUR currency exchange, less the following fees:
9% (Nine percent): to the exchanging dealer,
3% (Three percent): to the KWD side consultants’ group,
3% (Three percent): to the EUR side consultants’ group.
(Gross discount = 15%)
The payment of the principal (85%) will be made directly to the Investor (Seller), by swift transfer
(and/or cash) at the same time any scheduled tranche will be correctly verified and accepted, by following the scheme listed above. If the Buyer’s bank will provide the Seller with the necessary bank accounts, the payments will be received at the same bank. Otherwise, our Client will communicate the existing banking directions to the Buyer at the planned TTM.
The present document represents a private offer that will expire in 5 working days after the date written below, unless it will be returned countersigned for acceptation as a demonstration of interest.
Read, accepted and signed,
Date: November  4th, 2020.
Seller signature: _____________________________
Issuing date: September 30, 2014
Expiration date: September 29, 2024
For acceptance,
Buyer signature: _____________________________
Passport N°
Issuing date:
Expiration date: