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Buyer request below: EN590 10ppm

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Buyer request below:  EN590 10ppm Empty Buyer request below: EN590 10ppm

Post  Admin Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:20 am

See Buyer request below:

1/  buyer EN  590 10 ppm  ,  50.000 -100.000 MT  FOB Saudi , or STS  ,  Target price  900/880 USD
 need to fill one urgent order for EN590 FOB any UAE ports. STS procedures as following from buyer.  buyer can pay xxx/MT, seller needs to pay commission 10USD/MT to buyers team..pls help... if you have it CI immediately..

STS Procedure:

1. Buyer issues ICPO.
2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice.
3. Buyer signs the  Commercial Invoice and return to the seller
4. Seller issue POP documents:
- Vessel IMO
- Certificate of Origin
- product Passport
- Ullage report
- Fresh SGS at Discharge port Or loading port
5. Buyer conducts Q&Q via SGS/other on buyer. expenses on board seller vessel.
6. Upon successful result, Buyer sends Q88 and Position Vessel next to Seller's Vessel for injection.
7. Buyer makes 100% payment for total quantity via MT 103
 50,000 to 100,000 ts spot then followed by contract


EN590 10ppm
Origin :Russia/others
Qty : 2 x 30.000MT x 12month
CIF Subic port -Philippine

12.1. Buyer issues ICPO upon receipt of Soft Corporate offer + BCL addressed to seller
12.2. Seller issues Draft Sales and purchase Agreement to buyer, Buyer returns signed contract to Seller
12.3. Seller reviews signed contract acknowledged.
12.4. The Below Notarized listed PPOP by the Russia Export Control Department is released for Buyer confirmation.  
        (a)  Refinery Commitment to Supply
        (b)  Certificate of Origin
        (c)  Seller Certificate of Incorporation
        (d)  Quality and Quantity Report (Product Passport
        (e)  Statement of Product Availability
        (f)  Tank Receipt.
        (g) ATSC
12.5.  Seller releases to Buyer the above listed Partial POP Documents.
12.6. Buyer   makes     deposit  100% full amount  by   SBLC   CIPS   as   purchase   guarantee   in  accordance with  acceptance  verbiage   of   bank   instrument   in   the   form   of   BLOCKED FUNDS-SBLC  (CIPS) within  approximately   5  working   days   to   the   seller   only  . BLOCKED  FUNDS-SBLC (CIPS)  must  be  conditional  to the   agreement   which   will   be   directly  from   exit   buyer   to   the   seller. Validity should be  for 1 year and 1 day or upon termination of contract.
12.7 Seller release full POP document and 2% PB to buyer's bank.
(a) Ship Certificates
(b) Cargo Declaration
(c) Fresh SGS Report
(d) Charter Party Agreement
(e) Ownership Certificate
(f) Title Transfer Affidavit
(g) Product Allocation Certificate
(h) Ullage Report
(i) Notice of Readiness
(j) Customs Declaration Certificate.
(k) Bill of lading
(l) vessel Q88
12.8. All Parties involved signed NCNDA/IMFPA.  Shipment commences as per contract schedule.
12.9. Within 48 hours of Vessel arrival, buyer release 100% payment via MT103 after CIQ/SGS at the destination port.
13.0. Seller pays all intermediarie
Let me know if seller capable hendle with CIPS
above verbiage CIPS BLOCK FUND

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