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Offer Seller BTC

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Offer Seller  BTC    Empty Offer Seller BTC

Post  Admin Fri Jan 27, 2023 2:06 pm

Sellers Wallets have been Verified and certify with BITCOINS we provide you with an Audit certificate.

20.000 Btc or More if need it, up to 1mm BTC.


Net -3% to the buyer.

Payment can be only by Fiat currency USD$. Other way has to be aprove by Seller.

Receiving banks:
Bank of America and Chase bank.

* Operation is carried out by the Seller with his Scrow Agent Lawyer in Florida USA.

We SEND Satoshi only once we received the Fiat proof, we send at front the Wallet Audits to demonstrates the quantity of Btc anf the Legal origins and to maintain the integrity of the wallets .

To move forward we need the buyer to agree to work with Us this way:

1st. We need to know the needs of the Buyer and form of payment (wich bank on the USA).

2nd. If the Buyer  accepts the distribution of the discount.

3rd. If the Buyer agrees to work with the Sellers Attorney Agent Scrow in Florida, USA or Scrow to Scrow.

4th. If the Buyer agrees With the Audits update or Satoshi, the Buyer must provide proof of funds according to the payment method.

5th. Draft of the SPA contract is sent to be filled out and signed by the buyer and returned to the Seller to do the same and send directly to buyer to his corporate email.

6th. An appointment is made at the Escrow Agent office for the Operators or Verifiers to conclude the Btc purchase and sale operation.

End of operation
Thank you

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