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Offer EN 590 10 ppm CIF

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Offer EN  590 10 ppm  CIF    Empty Offer EN 590 10 ppm CIF

Post  Admin Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:03 pm

Dear company  

Offer  :  

2/ receive SCO.
3/. Sign and return.
4/. Will receive. The contract.
5/. Sign and return. Together with LOI. And a copy of the signatory's passport.
6/ will receive an invoice and partly. POP.
7/ in the bank draw up. SBLC. For the amount of the monthly supply. For a year. T. K. Annual contract. After receiving the goods at the buyer's port. The buyer pays. The full value of the item received. Bank M103. Within 3-4 days.


Offer EN  590 10 ppm  CIF    Whats341


if the buyer agrees with the procedure, let them sign and send it to us. The diesel will be from Turkmenistan

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