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*******Offer Diesel and Jet aviation and military

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*******Offer  Diesel and   Jet aviation   and military  Empty *******Offer Diesel and Jet aviation and military

Post  Admin Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:25 pm

Offer from refinery

  Offer  Diesel ,   Jet aviation JP A 1  and military   JP 8 NATO  

Seller  refinery  
1  bounce Finance report  - latest 3 years audited statements

2  bounce Licence & certification  of registration

3  bounce Relationship with headquarters  ~~~over Rudolf Sindelar &  

4  bounce Bank account informations  

5  bounce S&P or Moody"s  ratings

6 bounce Parents company information  

7  bounce  IMFPA   refinery price + commissions   , HARD COPY

email :


Skype   live:rudolfsindelar

QQ 323 455 67 64

unseen  rudolfsindelar

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