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Offer Rough Uncut Diamonds Zimbabwe 40,008 carats

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Offer    Rough Uncut Diamonds  Zimbabwe 40,008 carats  Empty Offer Rough Uncut Diamonds Zimbabwe 40,008 carats

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send ICPO

price is without any commissions

4 December 2012
We, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (U), on behalf of our clients, are ready, and able to supply you
with Rough Uncut Diamonds of very fine quality. Note that this will be a Bank to Bank transaction and
shall be executed, and managed, bank to bank, banking officer to banking officer, and with full banking
responsibility. Buyer shall not call the Seller’s bank, as all communication shall between banking officers.
Any and all proofs and/or requisite documentation shall be provided through the banking officers, bank to
bank (in this case Malca Amit Account Manager to the Seller’s Banking Officer). Below are the
characteristics and sales procedures.
a) COMMODITY: Rough Uncut Diamonds
b) WEIGHT: Uncut stones of various weights and sizes.
c) COLOR: 'D' to H' as per Seller’s manifest.
d) CLARITY: VVS1,VVS2 as per Seller’s manifest .
e) QUANTITY: 40,008 Carats (as per the Seller’s Manifest).
f) ORIGIN: Zimbabwe
Note: Evaluation to be done by a Board Certified Gemmologist.
2.0 AVERAGE PRICE: Average price per carat for parcel as per the manifest.
3.0 Seller sends draft procedures, Manifest and NCND to Buyer.
3.1 Buyer sends LOI, as per Seller’s manifest, detailing the weight, color, clarity, size and quantity of
What they would like to Purchase. Parcel will be chosen based upon the Buyer's LOI.
3.2 Seller issues Sale Purchase Agreement.
3.3 Buyer signs SPA. He shall return a copy to the Seller, which contains the name of the bank,
with details, where the Malca Amit Account is held, along with details of the banking officer.
3.3.a Seller signs SPA, and lodges a copy with his bank. He shall also return a copy to the
Buyer, which contains the name of the bank, with details, and name of the banking
officer, along the Banking Officer telephone number, fax number and email address.
3.3.b The contract signed by the Buyer shall also contain the name of the banking officer,
at the bank where the Malca Amit account is held, along with the banking Officer's
telephone number, email address and fax number; and within 24 hours of receiving
the contract signed by the Seller, Buyer shall lodge a copy with his bank and his or
her Malca Amit Account Officer.
3.3.c. The Buyer deposits, in his Malca Amit account, sufficient funds to pay for the parcel,
6.3.d. The Buyer directs Malca Amit to send a fax to Trust Bank Banking Officer, which
advises that the Buyer is a Malca Amit account holder; and that the Buyer has
sufficient funds deposited in the Malca Amit account, to pay for the parcel which is
under contract whose contract code is, Contract Code:
3.4 Buyer's Bank Officer or Malca Amit Bank, Banking Officer where the Malca Account is held,
within 24 hours, will contact Seller's Bank Officer by MT199, MT999 or MT799, which states that
buyer is an account holder at their bank with sufficient unencumbered funds to purchase the
parcel, as per the Seller’s manifest indicated in the contract. Buyer’s Bank, alternatively, can send
the Seller’s Bank a BCL. Seller’s Bank Banking officer, will concurrently verify by Swift message,
MT999, MT199 or MT799, the existence of the diamonds, quantity, and transferability.
3.6 After the Seller's Banking Officer receives the MT199, MT999 or MT 799, the Seller's
Gemologist will be given an appointment for access to the product to begin inspection and
selection of the buyer's parcel, based upon the LOI submitted and Manifest ( as per the Seller’s
3.7 Once the gemologist has completed the inspection and selection of the parcel it is sealed and
placed in the Trust Bank vault.
3.8 The Trust Bank then prepares the SKR. The KPC is prepared thereafter.
3.8.a. The Trust Bank Banking Officer then provides to the Buyer’s Banking Officer, or Malca
appropriate Account Manager, or the banking officer where Malca Amit account is held, a copy
of the SKR (Proof of Product).

3.8.b. The Buyer’s Banking Officer or Malca appropriate Account Manager, or the banking
officer where Malca Amit account is held, provides verified Proof of Funds, on behalf of the
3.8.c. After receiving Proof of Product, Buyer’s Bank, or Malca appropriate Account
Manager, or the banking officer where Malca Amit account is held, must ensure that the Buyer
has ability to pay for the diamonds through his Malca Account, and/or have sufficient funds
deposited is Malca Amit account and block for this transaction
3.8. d. The buyer name is then added into the KPC, and sent to the Buyer’s bank
banking officer.
3.9. The Seller’s Bank Banking officer liaises with the Banking Officer, of the Bank where the Malca Amit
account is held, to complete all necessary planning and execution for of transfer of the parcel from the
Trust Bank vault to the Buyer's Bank, or Malca Amit, with KPC and all other requisite documentation.
3.10 Upon transfer of the parcel, Malca Amit, or the Receiving Bank's gemmologist inspects and
approves the parcel, based upon the seller’s manifest prepared by the Seller's gemmologist. The Buyer
must accept the parcel if non conformity is 10% or less. The payment is transferred from the Buyer’s
Bank to Seller’s Bank Account after final inspection of the stones by the Malca Amit or the Buyer’s
4.1 The buyer pays the seller, bank to bank by wire transfer, after the Buyer's gemologist or Malca
examines and approves the parcel, as per the Seller’s manifest.
4.2 After the inspection by the Buyer’s Gemmologist or Malca Amit, the receiving Bank (or Malca
Amits) accepts the parcel and Buyer directs/ authorizes transfer of the funds from the Malca Amit
account, to the Seller’s designated account.
4.3 The payment for the parcel shall be made to the accounts designated by the Seller.
4.4 The compensation for other consultants/beneficiaries shall be made in accordance with
instructions noted in the IMFPA to their designated Paymaster.
4.5. Inspection shall commence within24 hours parcel's delivery to New York.
4.6. After Payment is verified to be in Seller’s designated Bank Account, Certificates of Origin and KPCs
for the parcel are transferred to the Buyer, along with the parcel.
4.7. Upon conclusion of transaction herein, tranche procedures for Rolls and Extensions begin.
4.8. Should future tranches be considered between the Buyer and the Seller, the procedure repeats
itself and serves to guarantee the payment process .
Please sign the SCO and return it to me expeditiously, ALONG WITH YOUR LOI.
send ICPO

I hereby acknowledge receipt of your offer for 40,008 carats of Rough Uncut Diamonds. I have read the
offer, understand the terms and conditions, and accept and agree to adhere to the same. My signature
affixed hereto acknowledges that I have read the offer, and that I understand the terms and conditions.
Further, I agree to provide you with an LOI that shall be based upon the Manifest, attached to the Offer
submitted to me. Additionally, I agree to accept the Manifest and product, and pay for it as noted in the
aforementioned procedures, after the parcel has been inspected by Malca Amit gemologist, or a
gemologist retained by me, or a gemologist retained by my bank, and its found to be within 10%, or less
non conformity, as per the Manifest.
______________________Buyer’s Signature DATE:______________________________
Buyer’s Name:
Telephone Name:
Email Address:
Skype Address:
If the Mandate is receiving the Offer on behalf of the Buyer:
Buyer’s Name:
Telephone Name:
Email Address:
Skype Address:
______________________Mandate’s Signature DATE:______________________________

Offer    Rough Uncut Diamonds  Zimbabwe 40,008 carats  1210

Offer    Rough Uncut Diamonds  Zimbabwe 40,008 carats  1310

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