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SBLC or BG purchase procedures:

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SBLC or BG  purchase procedures: Empty SBLC or BG purchase procedures:

Post  Admin Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:39 pm

SBLC or BG  purchase procedures  from buyer  

10-150 up to  250 mil    

1. Client will submit CIS
2. After the due diligence the provider will issue the agreement
3. Client and provider will sign the agreement
4. Provider will issue MT799 - pre-advise
5. Client will issue MT799 - BPU
6. Provider will issue MT760
7. Bank will issue payment towards the provider.

Cost :40+
Bank: Barclays, Deutsche, UBS.

buyer can send contract  
MT 799 from seller ,
MT 799 BPU from buyer  ,
seller MT 760

No upfront fees.

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