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Offer BG   SBLC  Empty Offer BG SBLC

Post  Admin Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:10 pm

Offer BG  , SBLC  
1 Buyer’s Bank SWIFT MT199 Proof of Funds
2 Provider’s Bank SWIFT MT799 Pre Advice
3 Buyer’s Bank SWIFT MT799 Payment Undertaking
4 Provider’s Bank SWIFT MT760 BG/SBLC
5 Buyer’s Bank SWIFT MT103 Payment

Minimum PoF of 100m - Cash

The Provider Group is a major shareholder in a Financial group with a range of Banking
operations and Licensing arrangements being developed in UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong &
Malaysia - and (by the way) they are used to dealing with Asian Clients/Buyers.

Proof of Funds - “upfront” - is normally required..
Bank to Bank PoF – Bank to Bank - will be considered - but - only if the detailed Banking
Information is submitted within the Application/KYC Package.

The Price depends entirely upon:
Quality of Applicant/Application
Quality/Country of Applicant’s Bank
Cash Funds or Credit Line
Contract Size
Tranche Sizes
Form of Inter Bank Financial Commitment etc. etc.

The current “normal” Currency is Euros – but USD can be made available.

No matter who the buyer is and what bank instrument he wants to purchase, the buyer must first submit a transaction specific KYC (which must include "ATV") to PRE-QUALIFY HIMSELF.


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